Saturday, 25 August 2012

All You Need to Know about Broadband Internet

Are you still using a modem to log on the Internet? If so, be aware that you are using a very outdated method for accessing the World Wide Web. You are also relying – unnecessarily – on a method that not only has very limited connection speed to offer but one that also makes unnecessary use of your phone lines.
How Do Modem-Based Internet Connection Works?
Dial-up Internet access requires the use of a modem, which is connected to your phone line. Every time you go online, you would have to dial a particular number before acquiring Internet access. While you are online, your phone will also remain temporarily disconnected or “in use”.
If you only have one phone line, then this would obviously be a problem as it may prevent you from taking in urgent calls. If you insist on subscribing for an additional phone line just to stay connected to the Internet, that may lead to uninterrupted use of the Internet but it would also mean having another unnecessary expense to pay every month.
Take Advantage of Broadband Internet Now
Instead of continuing on with dial-up Internet access, why not make the switch to broadband Internet instead?
  • Faster connection –Most of the time, dial-up modems can only offer you an Internet connection of up to 56kpbs. With broadband Internet, however, speeds can reach as much as 5 to 7mbps.
  • No need to “use” the phone – Broadband Internet access also requires the use of a modem, certainly, but that’s where the similarity with dial-up Internet access ends. Broadband Internet does require you to have your own phone, but it won’t end up keeping the phone engaged whenever you go online.
  • Wireless connectivity – With broadband Internet connection, you can finally take better advantage of wireless connectivity. But first you will need to invest in a Wi-Fi router. Most mobile devices nowadays can be connected via Wi-Fi so with just a single Internet service plan, every device you have may be connected to the Internet in an instant. If your laptop or computer does not have Wi-Fi capabilities, that can be easily remedied by buying and installing a Wi-Fi receiver.
  • No need for cable TV – Most people assume that you can only have broadband Internet if it is bundled with your cable TV service as well. While most people do opt for such bundled packages, it’s only because they wish to enjoy greater savings. Some, on the other hand, opt for bundled service packages because it makes monthly payment for all services more convenient.
Get Connected Today with the Best Broadband Internet Service Provider
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Author’s Bio: This article was produced by Krystine Joy Sitjar is a freelance writer that loves to write about technology and internet. She loves cats so much.



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