Friday, 24 August 2012

The Benefits of Using an Online Fax Service

Fax, also known as telecopying, is a mode of transmission of printed material over a telephone line. Short for facsimile, a fax is preferred in offices for sending legal documents with signatures and can be sent anywhere across the world. Advancements and modernisations are seen in every invention and the concept of faxes has also undergone several changes for improvisation. The latest technology in faxes is the ‘online fax machine’.
What is an online fax machine?
An online fax machine is a misnomer, as it is not really a machine but a method of sending faxes over the Internet. In this case, the Internet works as the fax machine and they are also known as Internet faxes. It has several benefits over the traditional methods of sending a fax. Listed below are a few of them:

  • No need for a fax machine: As the fax is sent via a computer, there is no need for a fax machine. This helps you save money on toners, papers and the machine itself. Also, there are no complicated installation procedures or repairs involved.
  • No telephone line required for the fax: The fax is sent by the computer over the Internet. Hence, there is no requirement for a telephone line devoted to sending and receiving faxes.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: Fax machines in offices are generally placed in areas where everyone has access to it and this does not provide the user with privacy to receive or send faxes. However, Internet faxes are sent to the receiver’s email account, which ensures adequate privacy and security.
  • Available across the globe. As the fax is sent over the Internet, it can be accessed anywhere in the world. It can also be received on any Internet supported device, thereby offering the option of mobility.
  • Lifetime storage of faxes: There is no limit to the fax memory and you can store all your faxes online.
  • Vast choice for fax numbers: You can choose a real number as your fax number. You can keep this number wherever you are. This is unlike fax machines, where you can use only your local number to receive faxes. This feature is especially useful when you want to expand your business and provide local fax numbers to international customers.
  • Simultaneous sending: Many faxes can be sent out at the same time.
How do I send an Internet fax?
Sending an Internet fax is a hassle-free process. You need to create an account with an Internet fax service provider. Many providers give you free trials to test how it works before you create an account with them for a nominal fee. While sending a document, the sender uploads the document to the service provider’s site and specifies the receiving fax number. The document is then sent from the online server to the fax server. The fax server transmits the document to the receiver’s fax machine via a telephone line. Generally, a confirmation message is given to the sender about the status of the transmission.
Change is a necessary part of growth and an online fax machine is definitely a step in the right direction. They are cost-effective and are pretty easy to handle. So, try it out and experience its benefits today!
Nathan Morgan, the writer of this post has been an IT professional for 14 years.



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