Friday, 21 September 2012

25 Best Websites of 2012

The Internet has become a major source of entertainment, social media, ideas and tools. This year, many new sites have blown up and become the big hit. Other sites have continued on to be some of the most visited sites for years. Here are the best websites of 2012:
With Gmail, google voice and google plus, everything from searching, communicating and sharing interesting ideas is available on one site.
Twitter’s popularity is growing, especially in 2012. Twitter is a place to share what;s up in your life quick and easy.
The number one social media site provides everything from sharing news, photos, and much more with your friends.
Youtube is still growing in popularity, and is taking place of the TV with awesome media.
Tumblr is a major blogging site for teens and adults looking to share their interests.
Pintrest blew up just this year. It allows you to “pin” your favorite pictures and things, and create your own portfolio of what you love.
6.Yahoo news:
People love to catch up on the latest news, and Yahoo is the place to do it this year.
Pandora is an interesting way to find new music. It gives you new songs to listen to based on your music taste.
8.Yahoo! Omg!:
The best site for gossip and news in the Hollywood lights!
Amazon is the perfect place to purchase all you want for a cheaper price. It’s the worlds largest e-commerce website.
Brotips is a fun and quirky site filled with tips for guys in a picture form. It’s entertaining and fun to read.
A free service allowing you to share and save your photos, documents and more in one place.
Wikipeda is still a top website in 2012 for all of the information you could ever need.
Craigslist is a way to shop in your area for used or new products, or even things such as homes and cars.
Love photography? Flckr is the best place to post your pictures and view others without copyright problems.
Metrolyrics is a simple spot to find lyrics.
An easy way to publish and earn money.
About is a guide to all you need to know, whether you need information on ab workouts or the the top schools in the country.
Paypal is the safest place to store your money, send it and use it to purchase online.
Store your photos and share with others on photobucket.
An easy website to find great deals and discounts on items, events and vacations.
Now you can search online and become compatible with someone nearby through match!
The best site for a wide selection of amazing recipes.
Watch your favorite TV shows and movies online, some even for free, with Hulu.
Etsy is a new site dedicated to selling and buying handmade goods.
Find health and exercise tips for any sport!



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