Thursday, 20 September 2012

Blogger resolve custom domain switching disabled error problem

Finally blogger/blogspot has resolve custom domain switching disabled error for those who wish to change their blogspot to a custom domain ( ) can now do that by login to their blogger dashboard settings.the problem that result into the custom domain disabled error was as a result of security reason explained by blogger team

blogger resolve custom domain switching disabled

according to them, they said they have to disable the feature base on the security alert they got so as to protect their users.well, its a good news for those that have bought their new domain name and have not yet map it to blogger.

due to this, blogger introduce second verification CNAME record to give authorization to the real owner of the domain.this means that without adding the 2nd CNAME record that has your unique verification key to your DNS server, you will get some thing like We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.

in other to resolve it on your part, you will have to create another cname aside the first one that has

the second cname will have your unique verification key e.g some thing like "DJLP21234567", and the target destination = "gv-(verification key)" without the quotation mark.

please do not use the above name as its used for illustration only.

to get yours, just click the link that says setting instruction from your blogger settings

you can inform your friends about the update so they too can resolve theirs can read from the horses mouth custom domain security. that's all.ENJOY.



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