Saturday, 8 September 2012

How Online Games Affect Brain Development

Ever since the video game industry has become a multi-million dollar industry, it’s been targeted as a source of negativity. When they were off the radar, video games were just a simple form of entertainment, or a means of pushing technology to the next level, but once large amounts of money become involved, the world of gaming evolving into an industry just like any other. With all the negative attention, scientist have devoted studies to understanding the effect that video games can have on a person’s brain.
Online Games can have a Positive Influence 
Recent studies show that video games can affect a persons attitude in a positive manner, while influencing their behavior as well. These studies have created interest in what is known as serious games or games intended to affect the players health. Results have led researchers to believe that the understanding of the engaging elements of video games, might increase the chances of developers creating gaming experiences that influences positive and healthy behavior.
Many research results believe that the active participation in video games develop positive motivation in ways that looking and listening to information doesn’t. In turn this participation can affect various behavioral activities in the non-virtual world.
Online Games can teach Teamwork 
Online games that call for teamwork can help people to develop their communication skills for real world situations, which is obviously useful in busy work environments. The games that have social content in which players assist each other non-violently also affect a persons attitude when dealing with people.
Simply put, video games have an affect on the brain, depending on what games you choose to play. For people that indulge in a lot of violent video games, showing little emotion to violence can become a habit.
Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving 
Many video games, even violent ones, have players think of various ways to get out of certain situations efficiently. With almost every game out today, a person’s timing is enhanced, and in shooting games, the hand to eye coordination, and awareness of an area are also improved. Shooting games are also used for realistic military training, in order to learn procedures and strategic planning. Just like guns, this could be used for positive, safe military training.
Playing online video games has trained people to take in information quickly and use it to respond quickly in tense situations. This is noticeable in really elaborate and intense online role playing games that requires players to remember various locations, multiple actions and combinations in order to be successful in the game.
Social Responsibility
Some news that parents may appreciate is that a majority of the gaming industry has recognized the responsibility they have for the results that their work has on gamers. A lot video games now offer more challenging objectives and higher quality graphics to keep a players interest that helps to avoid focusing on any violence in the game. These type of games communicate valuable lessons about organizing, strategizing and taking responsibility, while providing an immersive form of entertainment.


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