Monday, 10 September 2012

How Video Podcasting Can Grow Your Business

Blogging is something that just about every business is doing, and it’s a good idea to keep up with your blog. However, you might want to add some other types of content to the mix, as well. A business that does video podcasts can engage with visitors more easily, and it can help to keep peoples’ attention more than most blogs alone can do.
You Have More Outlets
In addition to posting your video podcasts on your site, you have quite a few other outlets where you will be able to post them as well. You will certainly want to set up a page on YouTube for your business, and you can post all of the video podcasts to your page. In addition, consider adding your video podcasts to iTunes as free downloads. Look around the web, and you will start to find other place where you can upload your videos.
Why would you want to add your videos to more outlets? When you have your video in a number of different places, with links back to your site, you will find that it can help to bump your business’s page ranking on the search engines. In addition, you are going to be exposing your company and your brand to people who would not have been able to see your information if the only place you posted was on your own site. It is a great way to get more people to come to your site and to learn more about what you have to offer. Thus, it can be a great way to boost and grow your business.
Are You Ready for Video Podcasting?
Of course, you need to make sure that you are ready to start a video podcast. A poor quality video is not going to endear you to viewers, so make sure that you truly are ready. Here are some tips.
First, make sure that you have the right equipment. You need to have a good camera, a good recording system if the camera’s microphone is low quality, and a way to edit the videos. Fortunately, the cost of equipment is within the range of most budgets today. Second, make sure that you have some type of script to follow, even if you only follow a loose script. This helps to keep you on topic. Third, make sure you do a couple of practice videos to get comfortable on camera.
When you shoot video and use it the right way for your business, it is possible to get more attention and more clients, regardless of the type of business you have.



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