Monday, 22 October 2012

Facebook Hits 50 Million Users in Africa

The world’s largest social networking site has crossed the 50 million user mark in Africa, as it continues to witness tremendous growth in the continent.
Thanks to recent Facebook user growth in Egypt (1 million+ new users, 10 % change), Nigeria (2.5 million+ new users, 61 % change) and South Africa (1.7 million + new users, 38% change), the African continent gained more than 50% of its Facebook users within the past 18 months.

According to SocialBakers, Facebook users in Africa as at February 2011 stood at 25 million and has now doubled to over 50 million about 18 months after. If it goes by this growth rate, Facebook would hit 100 million users in Africa by 2014.
It will be interesting to track Facebook’s continued growth in the continent in the coming years. See how Africa stacks up with other continents in the world on Facebook usage.



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