Monday, 8 October 2012


Hanging next to an 8GB chrome flash drive is a dainty antiqued silver key charm.
Cost: $33.59 

This unusual pendant is made from jasper wood that the maker found in California. It was cut and polished to perfectly accompany a 2GB drive.
Cost: $110

Behind this classic cameo, a tiny flash drive on a hinge folds out for 8GB of storage.
Cost: $40

This handmade pendant is made of walnut wood. The wood's beautiful veneer hides a 4GB flash drive.
Cost: $50.00

This heart-shaped pendant, decorated with Swarovski crystals, pulls apart to reveal a 2GB drive. Its romantic shape makes a perfect gift.
Cost: €27.00 (approx. $35.88)

Psychedelic, fractal art offers an alternative to more feminine designs. This blacklight-sensitive pendant provides 8GB of storage on the go.
Cost: $38.99

This entire drive detaches via its magnetic barrel clasp, while its whimsical design will look great while you're wearing it.
Cost: $39.99

We like the simplicity of this design. A single Swarovski crystal subtly enhances this Super Talent Pico C 8GB USB flash drive.
Cost: $22.80

Perfect for Apple fans (as well as fans of bling), this glittering pendant boasts a pull-out 4GB memory stick.
Cost: $61.20

Finally, this handmade sterling silver drive is utterly unique. Behind its hand-crafted tulip decal lies a slide-out 4GB flash drive.
Cost: $199.00

USB drives are one of the most useful items you can carry. To ensure you’re never without storage, consider a flash drive necklace to keep your portable memory on you at all times.
We have found 10 excellent examples of USB drive necklaces, to suit both feminine and masculine senses of style.
Take a look through our stylish selection in the image gallery above. Let us know in the comments below if you’d ever consider wearing USB jewelry.


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