Saturday, 6 October 2012

Time Killing apps You Should Have in Your Android Device

It is widely believed smartphones make us smart and efficient. Probably the assumption has had its origin in the fact that it gives us the ability to do multiple tasks at the same time. But sometimes it just happens that we had to stay disconnected from our beloved smartphone and finally find ourselves sweating and waiting in the long queue or getting ourselves stuck in the midst of endless number of flight delays. During those boring and bewildering time, you need to take recourse to your old and faithful android device and pick up any of the below mentioned apps to entertain yourself:

This is an amazing application that will keep boredom at bay. With this nice little app, you will be able to view websites, articles, videos and a lot more saved earlier in offline mode. And the greatness of this application lies in the fact that it does not require you to sync the data to your other devices. It will automatically do so. And if you have connection, you will be able to able to share articles directly from the applications.
Reddit is Fun:

Though I hate its interface, Reddit seems to be still the number one resource of tons of links and other important facts and videos that can entertain you when you are in the midst of mayhem. With this nifty application in your android device, you will be able to browse its internal pages that will definitely help you beat the boredom.

It would be probably everyone’s pick since it is a great time sucker. It has loads and loads of awesome images that you will certainly like to see and share. Just get this application on your android device and you will hardly realize the slow passing of time. Those of who are entrusted with a project related to decoration or something of that kind, Pinterest app should be gracing their Android device.

If you like to kill time by gaming, you should not be missing out on Bebbled. This game has six different levels and multi-players versions are also available. However, this is not serious kind of game; it is another way to spend time when you are stuck in some limbo and desperately need something to spend time.
The New York Times:

As evident from the name of the app, it will let you stay updated with the latest happenings around the world. However, you need to have net connection for using this app. If you do not wish to spend a penny, you can use its free versions where you will have access to Top News section. But to be able to access to all its sections, you need to upgrade yoru account. By upgrading your account, you will have unlimited access to all the sections of the websites that include videos, blogs, photo galleries and a lot more.
Who Becomes Rich?:

This is basically a multi-choice trivia game that will let you test your wits. There are two options – either you can play privately or else you can compete with friends and go for the highest score. Here in this game, you need to give answer to different questions ranging from geography to science, math to movies and a lot more. Now, if you hate to give answer to questions set by others, you can set your own questions. An addictive game that you should try out. See the video below:



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