Tuesday, 6 November 2012

How To Convert Ms Word to PDF

The process of converting a Word file into a PDF file is relatively simple, and it all depends on what version of the Microsoft Word software you are working with. Older versions are set up slightly different from newer versions, and Mac software runs somewhat differently than Windows software.

The first step you need to accomplish this task is determining which version of Word you are working with. Obviously if you are using a Mac computer, then you are using the Mac version of the software. The same with the Windows version. To figure out what version you are using besides its operating platform, simply log in to the software. As it opens up it should give you version information. If it does not or it goes by too quickly to read, you can also get it once you are fully logged in. Just go to the Word tab in the top drop down menu, and select About Word from the menu that opens up. This should have the information you need.
If you are using something like Word 2007, then your word will have has a big round button, known officially as the “Office button”, and unofficially as the “pizza button”.

Word 2010 will have a square blue button, known officially as the “File button”, and unofficially as the “pizza box” as shown below

Once you have determined what version of Word you have, you can go about creating or opening a document that you can save as a PDF. Some Word formatting will not translate properly to other formats, though most crossover to PDF better than they will to .RTF or .TXT. Once your document is ready, make sure to save it as a Word .DOC or .DOCX file, just in case something happens and you need a copy in the future.
After creating and saving your document, it is time to convert it into a PDF. If you have Word for Mac or an older version of Word for Windows, you can try this method. Go to the File tab at the top of the screen. When the menu drops down, select the Print option. In the window that opens up, select PDF as your printer, or the PDF menu if it is separate. This should give you another option to Save as PDF. Once you select this, it will let you create a document name as well as Author and Keywords if you wish. Fill out the information you need and click Save. The document is now a PDF file.



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