Monday, 26 November 2012

Jolla phone will be premium

  • Jolla hardware will be announced in Q1 2013 and release should happen before summer.
  • About what countries will see the phone first they did not go for details yet, but hinted that they have retailer partner in Finland and China at the moment. Also online distribution will be important for Jolla.
  • Jolla sees themselves more of a phone company when compared to Google. Company that believes it can deliver a good product that will also benefit the entire Sailfish ecosystem.
  • Jolla sees that the Sailfish itself emits a premium feel and they wanna keep that on the phones as well.
  • Hardware components are widely adapted on Sailfish and this should make it possible to bring very strong hardware.
  • Design of the phone will come directly from Jolla.
  • About tablet it was said that we could see Sailfish tablet, but Jolla itself will on this first wave concentrate on a smartphone.



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