Monday, 19 November 2012


Who uses internet the best, ever asked yourself that question? According to a recent study called the web index which measures web’s global impact in 61 developed and developing nations, not only does the US have a lower percentage of households with personal computers, but also offers slower bandwidth per user than countries such as Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Japan, and others. So, which country uses the Internet best?
The study ranked 61 countries across 7 categories including:
1. Communications Infrastructure
2. Institutional Infrastructure
3. Web Use
4. Web Content
5. Political Impact
6. Social Impact
7. Economic Impact
* Funded by a $1 million grant from Google
And the answer is SWEDEN
Sweden was able to beat the U.S. in part because there is a smaller percentage of Americans online. 1 in 3 use the Internet worldwide and 1 in every 6 use it in Africa, 75% of Americans use the Internet while 90% of Swedens use the Internet, but what about Asia,?
Singapore has the world’s fastest Internet ranking number 5 when it comes to web use
Let’s take a look at the infographic to learn more, we hope you’ll find it valuable.


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