Saturday, 29 December 2012

10 Free Android Application You Need Everyday

Alarm Clock Plus

You can start every morning with this alarm clock app. If waking up is tough for you, this app lets you set several alarms, each with its own ring tone.
Are you the type that sub-consciously turns your alarm off in your sleep? There's a math feature that makes you solve a simple equation to dismiss it. This way, you know when it's really time to get out of bed.
For $.99 more, you can also get the app with no ads.

2. CardioTrainer

What's great about CardioTrainer is that it allows you to choose how active or passive you want to be with it. Whether it's to map out a run, track your distance over time or log in your weight loss goals, the app does it all for you.
Your music library is also synced to the app, so it makes for a nice one-stop shop, rather than having several apps open during your workout.

3. Google Music

When you don't want to stream music on apps such as Spotify or Pandora, Google Music is great because it lets you access your library from mobile and desktop browsers across platforms. The service is free, and Google offers free songs to download, but you can also purchase tracks or full albums from the Android Market.
You're also able to share a free full play of songs you've purchased from the market with your friends on Google+.

4. HopStop

Whether you're city-savvy or visiting for the first time, HopStop is a really user friendly tool that helps you get where you need to be. Get directions via public transit, walking, taxi or biking from cities across the U.S., Canada and Europe.
For the health conscious, it will also tell you how many calories your commute burned, even if you're just sitting on the subway.

5. Dropbox

For seamless collection of documents, photos and videos, Dropbox makes it easy to stay organized. Access your files from any web browser as well as your mobile device. This makes all of your important content more secure -- if your Android breaks or gets lost, you still have everything backed up.

6. Yelp

Looking for a quick bite to eat, or maybe a nice restaurant for a date? Yelp is good for areas you might not be familiar with, or if you're just looking for something new. The app also has an augmented reality "monocle" that uses your camera's viewfinder to tell you what shops and restaurants are around.

7. TweetDeck

For your social media fix on the go, TweetDeck is a good option because it integrates Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare -- it also works for multiple accounts if you're juggling several.
If you're "Team HootSuite," there's a great Android app for you too.

8. Pulse News

When you want to catch up on all of your favorite blogs and news sites, Pulse is great because it puts everything into an attractive mosaic that's easy to browse. You can also save for reading later across platforms, or sync with Instapaper, Read It Later and Evernote.
Pulse also makes it easy to share via Facebook and Twitter.

9. Evernote

When you need to take notes in a meeting, create a grocery list or otherwise stay productive, consider Evernote your digital notepad. The app makes your notes searchable, lets you capture photos and record voice reminders as well.

10. Netflix

Whenever and wherever you watch a movie or show on Netflix, you can pick up right where you left off on your TV, computer and Android device. A paid Netflix subscription is required, of course.



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