Friday, 21 December 2012

Adobe Acquires Behance to Further Its Creative Cloud Ambitions

Adobe appear Thursday that it has acquired Behance, the arch online belvedere for creatives who wish to affectation and advertise their work. The agreement of the accord weren't disclosed.
With Behance, Adobe is searching at bringing association appearance to its Artistic Cloud platform. Artistic Cloud is Adobe's cable based account for professionals that offers admission to desktop software as able-bodied as online accoutrement and accumulator place.
A big allotment of Adobe's approaching affairs for Artistic Cloud are focused on the way that users can interact, coact and allotment with one another. "We consistently knew association would be an important aspect of Artistic Cloud," Scott Morris, Adobe's chief business administrator for Artistic Cloud and Artistic Suite, told us. "The added we looked at Behance, the added we accomplished it fabricated faculty to accomplish it allotment of Adobe."

"Today Artistic Cloud is a abode area you can admission your artistic accoutrement and casework and with Behance, area you can aswell broadcast your portfolio," Morris continued.
Behance has a column on its blog announcement the move to Adobe.

While Adobe is traveling to accommodate Behance into its web accoutrement -- and eventually its desktop accoutrement (meaning users can broadcast to their portfolios anon from Illustrator or InDesign or Dreamweaver) -- Behance as we apperceive it isn't traveling away.

Behance's CEO Scott Belsky is abutting Adobe as the Vice President of Community. Moreover, Adobe is befitting Behance's appointment in Manhattan. The plan, Morris told us, is to amusement this accretion the aforementioned way Adobe as advised Typekit.

Since getting acquired in 2011, Typekit has connected to accomplish its own website and action its own affairs that are abstracted from the Artistic Cloud TypeKit integration.

As for Behance, Morris isn't abiding if Adobe will abide to action its ProSite affection as a paid service, if it will be allotment of Artistic Cloud or if it will be fabricated chargeless to all users. The absolute chargeless Behance accounts will abide to abide and new sign-ups will still be accepted. On its blog, Adobe antiseptic that ProSite appearance will be accessible to Artistic Cloud users. What hasn't been absitively for now, Morris told us, is that featureset will be bound to Artistic Cloud users affective forward.

For Adobe, this is one added section in the company's addle of accumulating a automated set of accoutrement for the avant-garde artistic professional.


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