Friday, 28 December 2012

Get Latest Weather Updates By The Minute With SkyMotion For Windows Phone

Live tiles are the flagship affection of Microsoft latest operating systems and while they are accessible in announcement advice at a quick glance for a lot of altered types of apps, they decidedly flash if it comes to acclimate apps. Microsoft own acclimate app has a rather simple reside tile, but there are abounding adherent options accessible in the Windows Phone Store that advance reside tiles to the max. Usually reside tiles get adapted afterwards an hour or so, which is accomplished in a lot of cases. However, if the acclimate of your city-limits is absolutely capricious and has the addiction to go from brilliant to bitter in a amount of minutes, even reside tiles can't do abundant to admonish you. That is area SkyMotion can be of assistance. This new Windows Phone app provides minute-by-minute acclimate updates, and can acquaint you about a advancing aggression of the elements that ability blooper beneath the alarm of an accustomed acclimate app.


SkyMotion WP Options SkyMotion WP Location SkyMotion WP Settings
SkyMotion is based upon such a great concept that a lot of Windows Phone users are gonna love to have it on their devices right away. Unfortunately though, the app only supports locations from US and Canada for now, and while you can install and use it anywhere, you will not get any weather data for locations outside the US and Canada. If you are living in one of the supported locations though, SkyMotion is one of the must-have apps. It automatically locates you on the map and shows the conditions of your area under the ‘My Current Position’ heading. Other locations can be bookmarked by hitting the ‘+’ button and searching for the desired place.
To personalize SkyMotion, head to the Settings menu, where you get to change the temperature unit, refresh time and live tile settings. It is possible to pin individual locations to the Start screen directly as well, allowing you quick access to them in the app rather than having to navigate to them after launching the app.
SkyMotion WP Summary SkyMotion WP Forecast
The weather reports presented by SkyMotion are termed ‘nowcast’. The summary page of the nowcast has a nice graphical and text representation of the weather conditions, along with the current temperature. You also get to see the estimated time till the next change in the conditions is expected. The tiny ‘Next Forecast In’ timer counts down to the time remaining till the nowcast gets refreshed. In order to view the weather forecast in the thorough SkyMotion style, swipe rightwards to the ‘details’ section that lists the expected upcoming changes in conditions.
To get the most out of SkyMotion, you must use its live tile since that increases the app’s usefulness by a long way. SkyMotion supports all the cities in North America, and works on Mango as well as Windows Phone 8. You can grab the app for free from Windows Phone Store using the link below.
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