Monday, 24 December 2012

How to Backup, Share & Sync Data Securely Across Platforms With Norton Zone

With the brand of Bitdefender, Acronis, Comodo and abundant added acclaimed arrangement and internet aegis providers already accepting appear their committed billow accumulator solutions, it was about time that Symantec came up with a band-aid of its own. Available as a chargeless (limited) beta, Norton Zone Billow Administration is a cross-platform online abstracts advancement and administration apparatus for web, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS abstemious with absolutely a few approved features. As with several already absolute services, Norton Zone Billow Administration is alms an antecedent 5GB of chargeless billow accumulator to anniversary registered member, which can be added broadcast by subscribing to assorted paid plans. In accession to the accepted online book backup, apology & administration tools, the app aswell offers acrimonious abstracts aegis apparatus through patent-pending encryption key management, complete ascendancy over aggregate folders, multi-account online collaboration, accepted book architecture support, on-the-fly malware scanner integration, and the affluence to track, browse & restore book versions dating aback as far as 3 months.


To get started with the service, you can grab a free account by visiting the Norton Zone website. The web app of Norton Zone Cloud Sharing provides you with a full-featured interface for uploading, downloading and managing your files, whereas the desktop client offers a convenient means to keep your cloud content synced with the computer and vice versa. Once installed, the app creates a ‘Norton Zone’ folder on your computer that stays in sync with your cloud storage on the service. This directory is customizable, meaning you may select a location of your own choice for it.
Provided you’ve already uploaded some content to your personal storage, the desktop app will automatically and instantly start syncing files to the specified folder on your computer upon launch. The desktop client also supports shell integration to let you easily push any file or folder to your online storage from the right-click menu, and then you have the conventional copy/paste or drag-and-drop method for the purpose. The right-click menu of the app’s notification area icon allows you to quickly open your Norton Zone folder, check current sync progress & overall consumed storage space, add another account, subscribe for more storage, and play around with the app’s configuration.
The Android app is quite neatly built, where a dedicated sidebar helps filtering your Norton Cloud documents, photos, music, videos and other files with ease. Besides a built-in photo viewer and file browser, the app supports several features that are hard to find in most similar apps.
These include the option to natively upload any number of files of any type or size from your mobile device to user-created folders on the cloud, commenting on files, offline browsing of cached content, bookmarking required files, authorized access to the app via a secure passcode, option to share files via public links, Facebook or email, multiple views for cloud content, detailed log of your past activities on the network, and a lot more.
The app also supports basic file management features, and lets you move content between different folders on your cloud storage. The built-in search bar makes the process of looking for your required files anywhere on the cloud a breeze.
All in all, Norton Zone Cloud has to be praised for its overall effectiveness with the various features it supports. However, the mobile app can still be improved with the inclusion of several key features such as the option to cancel ongoing uploads, native music and video streaming support, Dropbox & Google+ style instant uploads for photos and videos, retrieval of deleted files, and most importantly, the option to download unsupported file formats.
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