Monday, 31 December 2012

How To Get Galaxy Note II Style Smart Screen Rotation On Any Android Device

The Galaxy Note II by Samsung brought forth with it a appealing advantageous affection in Smart Circling – an another Android awning circling apparatus that relies on facial acceptance instead of the accelerometer to about-face amid awning orientations. The affection utilizes your device’s foreground adverse camera to actuate your facial orientation, and controls the awning acclimatization accordingly. So far, the affection was alone accessible to a baddest few Galaxy alternation accessories including Note II, S II & S III, but acknowledgment to the efforts of XDA affiliate StupidIdea and his colleague, we now accept GMD Smart Rotate – an alarming Android app that brings the Note II-style Smart Circling affection forth with assorted added aliment to any abiding or non-rooted accessory active Android 2.3 Gingerbread or above. As axiomatic from the aloft description, the app is meant to plan alone on Android accessories that action a front-facing camera.

GMD Smart Rotate is accessible in the Play Store as both chargeless and $1.89 variant. The paid adaptation offers a brace of added absorbing appearance such as the SGS3 appearance Smart Stay to accumulate your device’s awning alive for as continued as you accumulate searching at it, and the options to adumbrate the app’s notification bar figure and specify custom circling preferences on an alone per-app base for assorted apps. The chargeless adaptation has a limitation of acceptance you to personalize circling settings for just a individual app at any accustomed instance.

GMD-Smart-Rotation-Android-Settings-Main GMD-Smart-Rotation-Android-Settings-Apps
Besides replicating the Smart Rotation feature, the free version of the app lets you ‘Force Rotate’ any app to the preferred orientation. Using this option, you can use your favorite apps in an orientation that they may not support by default in the first place. For instance, I successfully managed to rotate the home screen of my non-rooted Nexus 4 to landscape mode with GMD Smart Rotate. In addition, you have the option to lock the screen orientation for the currently opened app. Thus you can keep using an app in portrait or landscape mode only, regardless of your device’s actual screen orientation preferences.
That’s not all – the app even supports a highly customizable home screen widget (or rather, switch) that lets you perform the following actions with a tap:
  • Custom rotation selection
  • Toggle the Smart Rotate feature (default or forced)
  • Switch to portrait mode (default or forced)
  • Switch to reverse portrait mode
  • Switch to landscape mode (default or forced)
  • Switch to reverse landscape mode
  • Rotate screen clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Toggle auto rotate
GMD-Smart-Rotation-Android-Widgets1 GMD-Smart-Rotation-Android-Widgets2
The app’s controls can be brought up from anywhere within the entire OS by using the GMD Smart Rotate notification panel icon. Using the app’s compact control panel overlay, you can toggle the smart rotate feature, lock currently selected orientation, enable force rotate for the currently opened app, and apply current settings as default for that particular app. Do note that the ‘Force rotate’ option on the control panel should be kept enabled for the app to work effectively in most scenarios. From the app’s settings screen, you can also enable toast notifications to get instant confirmation of successful face recognition and screen rotation.

With the app relying heavily on your device foreground adverse camera to activate awning acclimatization via the Smart Rotate feature, you ability be afraid about the array getting drained adequately quickly. Luckily, that is not the case, because the app is declared to activate the camera alone if it detects a abundant change in acclimatization based on the accelerometer. Quite understandably, the app ability not plan as adapted in places area ablaze is bare for the foreground adverse camera to ascertain your face properly. Therefore, accomplish abiding that you use the app in a ablaze place.

All in all, it's a appealing accessible tool, abnormally for ardent gamers, readers and cine buffs who abhorrence getting abashed by common awning acclimatization accouterment acquired due to the aboriginal of movements.
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