Thursday, 20 December 2012

Nigeria’s First Online Taxi Booking Service To Launch Dec. 20

Have you consistently basic to book for taxis online or via adaptable just like you would for flights? A new start-up alleged TaxiPark now has your back!
Since it soft-launched its auto account in March which provided a adaptable app that lets you acquisition and acquaintance auto cab drivers aural Lagos, it has been alive to add added appearance such as Google maps for active admonition as able-bodied as cab casework in Abuja, Nigerian basic city.
Last night, I got an absolute examination into what the account set to barrage on December 20 would be accouterment to both users and auto companies. With a self-service auto booking website and adaptable app (to be appear in January 2013), TaxiPark now allows users to book for taxis anon or at a approaching date and time.
On the added hand, auto companies can assurance up for TaxiPark subscription-based Cloud Console account to advice them administer and ascendancy their auto agile as able-bodied as clue disciplinarian movements and administer transactions.
The account is aswell advised for baby to mid-size auto fleets acceptance auto companies that assurance up to admission the appliance from anywhere via a PC or adaptable accessory and provides cruise booking and auctioning functions, in-vehicle adaptable trackers, automated car area and support, maintenance, and training.
When auto companies assurance up to TaxiPark accustomed plan, they get to pay for every booking fabricated through the service, although they alone get answerable (at N35 per booking credit) for accustomed booking requests.
So if a user books for a auto application TaxiPark, he/she does not bear the bulk of the booking, instead the auto aggregation does. If a booking is getting made, a user includes data such as analeptic location, declivity location, date and time, and chooses a auto aggregation advertence whether or not it would be a acknowledgment trip.
Once booking is done, the account would map your cruise application Google maps and appearance you the ambit (in km), the bulk of time it would take, and an estimated bulk of the trip. The user could either acquire the booking or appeal for the exact bulk from the auto company.
The user would again get an email and a alarm from the auto aggregation that a disciplinarian is getting dispatched, while the cruise is getting monitored by the auto companies.
During my test, the account formed altogether if I appointed for a auto from Ajah in the Lekki arbor to Radisson Blu Hotel in Victoria Island for December 16 at 12 noon. After artful the cruise request, the account told me it will be 22.1km long, yield about 25 account and ability bulk up to N5820, while acquainted that I ability be answerable for added delays.
As far as I know, that seemed like a appropriate adding and costing accustomed the day, time aeon and distance. In abiding the estimated abstracts would be college if it were during the anniversary (traffic) periods aural the axis.



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