Saturday, 29 December 2012

Samsung offers free flip covers and TecTiles for GS III and Note II device registrations

If you just accustomed a Galaxy S III or a Note II this anniversary season, you could do yourself a favor and annals it on Samsung's Facebook page to get even added aliment from Santa Sammy. What do you get in barter for handing over some claimed data and giving the Korean aggregation admission to your timeline? Why, a chargeless cast awning and six TecTiles, which usually go for about $15 for a backpack of five. We haven't heard abundant about advanced acceptance of these programmable NFC tags, but maybe it'll accretion some absorption afterwards a contempo 3.0 app amend and this promotional giveaway. We're not abiding why the action doesn't extend to added Samsung phones, but maybe they just don't accept abundant of those delicate covers to go around.


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