Thursday, 20 December 2012

This $5 Lamp Is Powered Solely by Gravity


There aren't any batteries or ammunition in the $5 advocate lamp alleged the GravityLight.

The ultra-cheap lamp was created as a backup for big-ticket and awful communicable kerosene-powered lanterns, which are broadly acclimated in developing countries. London-based designers Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves accept been alive on the GravityLight as a ancillary activity for the four years.
For the 1.5 billion humans in the apple who reside off the electric grid, bootleg kerosene lamps are the norm. But, the kerosene can eat up 10% to 20% of a family's domiciliary income, according to the designers. Fueling these lamps with kerosene is aswell acutely dangerous. Men, women and accouchement are consistently apparent to blaze hazards and adverse effluvium produced by the afire kerosene.

There are no operating costs afterwards the antecedent acquirement of the abolitionist GravityLight lamp. Each GravityLight kit will appear with the adjustable lamp and balance bag. Once the bag is abounding up with sand, rocks or soil, users can adhere it from the lamp like a weight to about-face the LED ball on. This creates abundant activity to endure 30 account whenever it's needed. The lamp can be recharged by solar panel.

With this advocate lamp, the GravityLight will accept no active amount and will acquiesce families in developing countries to reside kerosene-free.

Meeting their Indiegogo ambition will acquiesce the designers to access assembly units authoritative the approaching bazaar amount even cheaper. The GravityLight activity has aloft added than $190,000 dollars with 27 canicule larboard on the crowdsourcing belvedere Indiegogo.


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