Monday, 7 January 2013


Below are the 25 most important points you need to make money online...

1. Sell your own products.
2. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, i.e. don’t just rely on ads for monetization.
3. Be an Internet Publisher, not just a blogger.  Publishers make money.
4. Risley makes $15,000 x $20,000 a month, sometimes more.
5. A blog builds attention and generates leads (email subscribers).
6. Once leads are generated give them great free value and don’t be afraid to sell to them.
7. Leverage the social web (Your blog is the hub, social media, youtube, etc, are the spokes.)
8. Sell to those with fears or desire.
9. Talk about what you know, and what people care about
10. Create an ideas file for ideas of new blog posts.
11.  Whatever you market focus on your benefits.
12.  Market to emotions, but provide solid reasons for purchasing people can use to justify the expense.
13.  People want to be: Rich, Thin, and Beautiful, so target your marketing at these desires.
14.  Over half of Risley’s annual income comes leveraging from his email list.
15.  Send cool non-blog (exclusive) free stuff to your list to make your leads feel special.
16.  Use Tube Mogul and distribute videos to all channels.
17.  Get the All in one SEO plugin for WordPress.
18.  Google Adsense = The Blogger Welfare Program.
19.  Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make cash if you don’t have your own products (or even if you do).
20.  Get the Max Blog Press Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin.
21.  Aweber has a great Affiliate Program with monthly payouts.
22.  Set up an Affiliate Program.
23.  Google Sitemaps Plugin.
24.  Develop Pillar content, and submit it to aggregators like Ezine Articles.
25.  Create backup content so you always have fresh stuff on the blog to keep people coming back.



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