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AutoSnap For iOS Instantly Shoots & Uploads Photos To Cloud On Launch, Download Here

While photograph Stream can be rather helpful for backing up all the photos you take from your iOS apparatus on iCloud and holding them synced over all your devices, many persons snap photographs with the aim of later uploading them to Instagram, Facebook or some other online service, and Photo Stream boasts no such auto-sharing option. AutoSnap permits you to do just that, and more! In detail, you don’t even have to fire the photograph manually, as the app can take a image after a couple of seconds’ hold up whenever you launch it, which can arrive genuine handy to rapidly capture those precious instants that you would else miss. Though you can furthermore stop the firing and uploading methods any time you want. 

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If the concept behind AutoSnap sounds familiar to you, this might be because the app has been around in the App Store for quite a while, previously under the name of Advarkaa. Its latest update brings a rebranding to AutoSnap, along with refinements to many of its existing features.
New users are prompted to associate their social networks and cloud accounts with the app upon first launch. If you want to take a few moments to get familiar with the app before linking any account, hit the ‘Skip’ button. The AutoSnap Cloud section showcases some of the publicly shared photos from other users of the service. To get down to business, you can set up to five presets, each linked with as many online services as you want. Long-pressing the icon for any preset lets you add an account to it. The following services are currently supported by AutoSnap.
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Picasa
  • Email
Do note that for Twitter and Facebook, you’ll have to sign out of your default account in the stock settings app, and then login separately via your browser; else, the app just crashes. When it comes to Evernote, you can even set up different notebooks for each of your presents, which can be really useful to keep things organized. Regarding email, you can associate any number of email accounts with each AutoSnap preset.
From the AutoSnap settings menu, you can set the default countdown timer, toggle image stabilization, control flash settings and choose the default settings for each photo that will be uploaded by the app. You can also tweak with image resolution and the compression value. AutoSnap supports Dropbox backup for the entire app data and settings, keeping it synced across devices and also eliminating the hassle of reconfiguring everything in case you switch to another device..
AutoSnap iOS Editor AutoSnap iOS Resolution AutoSnap iOS File

When you launch the app, the default preset arrives into activity and the countdown begins. To stop the countdown and select another preset, tap the icon at the peak of the computer display. The same icon dwellings some readymade automation options, like making the app upload images immediately after firing, closing the camera one time you’re done, and selecting optimal likeness settings. After a image has been taken, it proceeds into the uploading line, waiting for the user’s go-ahead. Before uploading though, it likely to flavour things up a little, thanks to the comprehensive photograph  editor that arrives with AutoSnap, proposing photographgraph filters, change choices and tenacity backgrounds.

In case you didn’t automate photograph uploading, just agitate the device and AutoSnap asks you whether you desire to clear the upload line or start uploading. This makes the app flawless for offline use, since the queue is sustained indefinitely until you manually clear it.

AutoSnap is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. Grab this free app from the following link and stop worrying about managing your image uploads ever again.

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