Sunday, 6 January 2013

Blip TV App Brings Web Series Discovery To Android, iOS, Kindle & Xbox

If you're addicted of watching web series, but generally accept agitation award new ones to follow, again have to be accustomed with Blip (a.k.a., and you will be captivated to apperceive that web alternation analysis account has afresh broadcast its ability above the web to adaptable platforms and Microsoft's  flagship gaming console. The Blip TV adaptable app, which is now accessible for Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire and Microsoft Xbox, allows you to admission your admired alone Blip agreeable as able-bodied as all the videos featured on the aboriginal website. You can instantly admission all the featured, accepted and newest videos, analyze agreeable by a amount of genres, accept advance notifications for the shows you follow, and seek for your admired videos beyond the network. The apps affiliation with Facebook lets you accumulate clue of your Blip activities, advance the assorted adorning accoutrement offered by Blip, and allotment your admired Blip contest with your friends.


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Through a sleek, well-designed and tablet-optimized UI, the app presents you with all the Blip TV content, complete with the relevant show info, episode details, genres and thumbnails. On smartphones, you get a vertically-scrollable screen displaying the latest stuff featured on Blip, with a search bar at the top. On tablets, you’re greeted by a thumbnail-laden screen that can be set to display items in a grid or as a list. At times, the time it takes to load thumbnail previews can be a bit annoying. On the bright side though, the subtle animations while switching back and forth between screens greatly compliment the visual appeal of the app.
As with most apps, the sidebar is arguably one of the most important features of the entire UI, as it makes navigating to your personal Blip account and various program categories a breeze. Tapping the Genre option displays an additional pane that lists all the video genres supported by Blip to make finding relevant content easy. For each featured show, the app displays detailed information, such as the host, actors, producer, director and relevant links.
Blip-Android-Show Blip-Android-Video
Besides watching your favorite videos right within the app, you can comment on them, like them and share them with your friends. By navigating to the My Blip section in the app, you can see details of all the new episodes added under the shows you’re following. Also, you may also unfollow a particular show and access your favorite ones from the same screen.

As much as the app impresses with the amount of quality video content it boasts, there are a couple of things that leave something to be desired. We’ve already discussed the lag while loading the thumbnails, and the app’s inability to keep track of your recent navigation positions can also serve as a headache, especially if you frequently need to switch back and forth between screens to find something interesting to watch.

Overall, it’s a good debut for the Blip TV mobile app, and the cross-platform availability means you can enjoy all the Blip TV goodness on your smartphones, tablets, eReader and gaming console.

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