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Configure Your Home Theater To Perfection With THX tune-up For iOS, Download Here

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – January 29, 2013 – THX Ltd. today broadcast its first wireless app, THX tune-up™, which is now accessible in the iTunes App shop. THX tune-up is an easy-to-use, interactive app that permits the general buyer use an iOS apparatus to adapt their TVs, projectors and speakers, to get the best presentation and pleasure from their entertainment scheme – regardless of emblem and cost.

THX tune-up reaches just in time for this year's large-scale Game. According to research undertook by the Retail advocating and Marketing Association, more than 7.5 million viewers are expected to buy a new television expressly for the game.1 To help all home viewers get on a grade playing area and relish their new or living TVs on this big day, THX is proposing the app worldwide for free for the first week of its issue (January 29 – February 4, 2013). THX tune-up will then be accessible at its regular cost of U.S. $1.99 in select countries.2

"By utilising the THX tune-up app, sports fans, video enthusiasts, gamers and even truth display addicts can confirm their TV and sound system are set up correctly. THX tune-up tour tour guides buyers effortlessly and effortlessly through image and sound changes to get the best likely amusement know-how from their dwelling system," said Sandra Benedetto, director of product administration, THX Ltd. "We furthermore included fun stuff, like connections to THX movies trailers and our signature "THX® Deep NoteTM" sound that are bound to remind envy on a freshly 'tuned-up' system."

THX tune-up characteristics
utilising specifically made-to-order conceived video patterns and audio tests, THX tune-up permits consumers to ascertain that video gear settings are optimized based on the consumer's equipment capabilities and lighting natural natural environment, and external speakers are employed in stage and are hue: Red;">hue: Red;">attached hue: Red;">hue: Red;">correctly. For hue: Red;">hue: Red;">example, hue: Red;">hue: Red;">hue: Red;">hue and tint settings are often perplexing to adapt correctly without special crystal or other unique gear. THX tune-up values the iPad or iPhone camera and a special, THX-designed built-in hue: Red;">hue: Red;">hue filter to help hue: Red;">hue: Red;">hue: Red;">buyers easily ensure colors are unquestionable and skin pitch emerge natural.

The interactive app presents users step-by-step directions by narration and text, as well as a comprehensive direct on how to use all of its characteristics, walking buyers through the following checks:

Video adjustments
Aspect ratio – double-checks your TV exhibitions forms and dimensions correctly
Brightness – makes certain shaded minutia and night scenes are clearly evident
compare – ensures that white detail is distinct on your TV
Color – make certain colors are bright and vibrant but not overly saturated or cartoonish
Tint – ensures skin pitch appear natural and are not too green or red

Audio changes
Speaker assignment – double-checks that speakers are connected to the correct audio video receiver (AVR) output and proposed sound is coming from the correct speaker
Speaker stage – affirms that affirmative and negative speaker wires are connected rightly and all speakers are in stage

The THX tune-up app is not proposed to provide full calibration capabilities. For dwelling theater enthusiasts, calibrators or installers that want a higher level of command and proficiency to fine-tune their system, THX has a THX Calibrator Blu-ray computer disc which is granted to graduates from any THX learning class, and is furthermore available in restricted amounts at commerce tradeshows and events in which THX participates.

Bonus features
THX tune-up is not all about backgrounds – THX added a number of its classic movies features to the app that can be treasured over and over again:
· "THX Deep Note" – the sound that made THX well known is available at the impel of a button in 5.1 surround sound
· "THX Trailers" – exceptional THX trailers (just like the ones in THX declared movies) are accessible in HD for users to display off their newly tuned TV and sound schemes to associates and family
· "Moo Can" – users can tilt their iPhone or iPad to discover the classic "moo" sound from a well liked THX cinema trailer
· "Ask Tex" – presents buyers with an very simple way to get responses to any questions they might have for THX about their dwelling theater equipment and setup method

THX and future apps
With the launch of THX tune-up, THX is laying the groundwork for partner engagement with future submissions that can supply a comparable differentiate and characteristic enhancements for mass consumer goods. With a wealthy history born out of George Lucas' yearn to advance movies video and audio capabilities, THX hopes to help connection the inherent hardware capability of smart devices, TVs, speakers and general home theater schemes with content creators' creative intent to improve the dwelling amusement experience.

sustained apparatus
THX tune-up is accessible now for Apple iOS apparatus only, including the iPad 2, 3 and 4 with iOS type 5.1.1 or subsequent; the iPad Mini with type 6.0 or subsequent; the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 with iOS version 5.1.1 or subsequent; and the iPod feel, lifetime 4 or subsequent with iOS type 5.1.1 or later. THX designs to release an Android type in jump 2013.

An Apple Digital AV adapter or Lightning Digital AV adapter and HDMI twisted cord, or apple fruit TV is required to attach the iPhone or iPad to your scheme.

1. More than 179 Million Football Fans Gearing Up for the large-scale Game, According to Retail advocating and trading Association. nationwide Retail Federation study, January 24, 2013.
2. Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Spain, joined Kingdom and joined

THX tune-up iOS Welcome THX tune-up iOS Equipment THX tune-up iOS Device
THX tune-up has a video tutorial to help you get started. In addition to that, there are graphical instructions scattered throughout the app. If you are ready to configure something straight away, connect your iPhone to the intended TV or display. You can make the connection via HDMI, AirPlay or VGA. The next step is to head to the ‘Equipment’ tab, and choose the specifics for the device you intend to set up or test. For displays and speakers, you are asked to choose the brand of the device. To make things a little easy for THX tune-up, tell it if your TV/sound system is THX-certified. There is no need to enter the exact model of the device, since specifying its generic type does the trick. For speakers, it is possible to test both stereo and surround sound systems using the app. The last thing you need to do in the Equipment section is choosing the type of connection you have used to link your iDevice with the equipment.
THX tune-up iOS Adjustments THX tune-up iOS Instructions THX tune-up iOS Picture
Now that THX tune-up has recognized your equipment, you are ready to get down to configuring everything. Under ‘Picture Adjustments’, there are steps for checking your display screen’s aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, color and tint. Some of these steps consist of nothing more than instructions that you have to follow on your own, but others (like color and tint) overlay different color filters with the picture on the screen to ensure that everything is in perfect order. If you are satisfied with a particular adjustment, mark it as ‘Done’ and move to the next. At the end of the cycle, THX tune-up offers a complete review of all the adjustments you have made.
For sound, the phase and balance of speakers can be tested simply by tapping some icons the app shows you for the purpose.
THX tune-up iOS Trailers
In case you want to test your equipment to see the results, THX tune-up has a few 1080p video clips in the ‘Extras’ section to play. You can stream these trailers to any device you want.
THX tune-up is optimized for all iOS devices, and works pretty well for all brands of equipment you can think of. For now, it is available for free, but this might change in the near future. So, head to the App Store and grab it right away.
Download THX tune-up For iOS


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