Friday, 11 January 2013

Download AntTek’s Floating Dictionary Search For Definitions & Translations Anywhere In Android

Bobbing apps are a great way to take benefit of both the larger computer display space and the faster processor that you get these days with tablet devices and large-screen smartphones. After the first bobbing app came out round 6 months before, we are seeing a alallotmentment of them seeming in the Play shop. The best thing is that they are not constrained to a exact function and can be used to do anything intended by the developer, such as Floating Browser Flux! that lets you browser the internet using a bobbing interface, and bobbing YouTube Popup Video, a bobbing player for YouTube that can work over any other app window. Today, we present to you likely one of the most helpful tools that can be utilised as a floating app: a lexicon. AntTek lexicon permits you to seek for words against multiple online dictionaries and associated services encompassing Google Dictionary, Wikipedia, Google convert, Bing convert and more. The app also sports a floating GUI that permits you to seek for phrases while you are utilising other apps such as a browser, allowing you to multitask without having to change the aim from the primary app. More on AntTek lexicon after the jump.

When you launch the app for the first time, the lexicon supervisor undoes up and supply you with options to add more dictionaries or change the configuration options for the present ones. strike the up button to change the position of the chosen lexicon in the list (search results will be brandished in the identical order), and the Settings button to change the configuration.

AntTek Dictionary Manager AntTek Edit Dict
To add more dictionaries, tap the Add Dict button from the top right and select Add Online Dict. You can add search engines such as Bing Translate, Google Translate, Google Dictionary, Wikipedia and Yahoo Spelling Checker etc. Moreover, you are allowed to choose a different background color, text color, text font and text size for each dictionary that you add.
AntTek Add Dictionary AntTek Add Dict Options
Once everything is setup, you can easily search for words by entering them in the search bar at the top. From now onward, launching the app will directly open up the search module instead of taking you through the dictionary configuration.
AntTek Search
Pressing the Menu button allows you to re-open the dictionary manager, reload the current dictionary, go to app settings or get quick help. The Settings menu allows you to specify search-related options such as Match Strategy and Search Result Limit, and tweak Quick Search and Language settings.
AntTek Menu AntTek Settings
In order to activate the floating interface for the dictionary, make sure that Quick Search is enabled in app settings. Next, just open the notification panel and select the AntTek Dict shortcut for enabling the floating window. Once loaded, it can be used to easily search for words in all the selected dictionaries without leaving the app you are working in.
AntTek Notifications AntTek Floating
However, just like any other floating app, its true utility can be experienced on a tablet device or a smartphone like Galaxy Note or Note II with an adequate amount of screen real estate. Since the floating window is resizable and moveable, you can keep it open on the side while doing your work, ensuring no time is wasted in switching between different apps or browser tabs for looking up the meaning or translations of new words.

The app works perfectly on a mobile phone or an average resolution tablet, but needs better scaling when it comes to very high resolution tablets like the Nexus 10. Hopefully the developer can fix this minor issue in the next release of the app.

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