Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Download Official MediaFire Android App Makes Its Way To The Play Store

If you’re a normal web surfer, you should have come over or utilised the document hosting services of MediaFire at some issue in time. The service revolved out its companion app for iOS users back in September last year, and now, the authorized Android variant has been issued to the Play shop with more or less the same feature set that the iOS type has to offer. accessible for free, the Android app is laced with some rudimentary document management, uploading, downloading and media streaming devices. In addition, it lets you instantly preview your MediaFire article articles (Word articles, presentations & spreadsheets), search for needed documents, conceive new folders to better coordinate your cloud storage, arrest and upload newspapers, generate download connections for documents and organise your personal data privacy on the move. 

Like the iOS variant, the official MediaFire Android app does not support registration of new accounts at present. Instead, the app only allows existing MediaFire users to log in with their credentials. To get yourself a fresh account, you’ll have to navigate to the MediaFire website (link provided at the end). The service offers 50 GB worth of free cloud storage space to each free member. The catch with free account is that you aren’t allowed to upload a files larger than 200 MB. If you’re willing to shell out some cash, the service has plenty of option-packed personal and business packages on offer for you.
From the UI viewpoint, the Android version of the app is way behind its iOS counterpart. The Gingerbread-like interface seems a little outdated and rough around the edges.

The app’s major UI registers your individual MediaFire content, complete with all the underlying documents and folders. Unfortunately, there is no choice to sort or filter content, in addition to the app doesn’t support uploading and downloading content in bulk. The arrow button beside each listed piece can be tapped to toggle its privacy settings, share the content with others, or play round with other document management devices on offer. The app’s settings list, the choices to conceive a new folder, upload a document, arrest a new photographgraph or video and import localized newspapers can all be accessed by hitting the Menu button.

While it is rather conspicuous that the app desires improvements and expansion on a number of fronts, it is a must-have for avid MediaFire users who own Android apparatus and should suffice for most basic users. 

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