Friday, 11 January 2013

Facebook Pages Manager For Android, iOS Now In Google Play Store

It was back in May last year that the official Facebook Pages supervisor iOS app was rolled out in iTunes App Store to permit iDevice proprietors to organise, moderate and ascertain comprehensive statistics for their Facebook sheets on the go. Now after a long hold up of nearly 8 months, the authorized Android variant of the app has been issued to Google Play Store with more or less the identical feature set. Replicating the examines of the authorized Facebook Android app, Facebook sheets supervisor places you in command of all the Facebook sheets you manage. Using this free app, you can mail new rank revisions & photographs on your Pages, reply to remarks, obtain notifications considering new undertakings, ascertain out detailed sheet Insights & statistics, outlook & answer to personal messages, organise your Timeline content, hold a close tab on the undertaking log, and interact with your assembly right from your Android apparatus.

The only important benefit that the authorized iOS Facebook Pages Manger app holds over its Android equivalent is the support for sheet promotion as well as scheduling. although, most of you won’t overlook the characteristic a large deal, especially if you aren’t required to moderate somewhat big sheets that attract a lot of audience on a common basis.

Barring both the aforementioned features, you almost get everything that the iOS equivalent of the app has to offer its users. The sidebar lists all the various Facebook Pages owned or managed by you. It is also from the sidebar that you can log out of the app, and navigate to the settings screen to activate push notifications. The top segment of the app’s main interface contains three buttons supplemented by real-time notification badges to check all the Likes a Page has raked, any private messages sent to the Page, and the notifications pertaining to various activities on your Pages.
A Page’s Insights, Photos and Activity Logs are accessible from under its detailed profile, followed by the option to post a new status update or photo. From the Insights screen, you can check all the Likes, trends, weekly total reach, and total number of people who’re talking about a particular Page. The Activity Log, as its name implies, displays a chronological list of various activities relevant to the Pages. You have the option to delete a specific item from the log that you don’t want to appear on the Page’s Timeline.

Scrolling vertically on the dwelling screen, you may proceed through a Page’s Timeline items, with the choice to outlook Insights for one-by-one mails. opposing to the generic Insights sheet, the Insights screen for a exact mail is supplemented with a comprehensive breakdown of the number of times the mail has been come to through distinct causes, the number of persons who have committed with the post in some way, and all the persons who are talking about that specific mail.

broadcast a twosome of days ago, the Android variant of the Facebook sheets Manager app was primarily accessible to users in Canada, Australia and New Zealand only. However, it has gradually started revolving out to other components of the workd, with the support for US and numerous other parts of the world supplemented just recently. 

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