Friday, 11 January 2013

Firmware Flashing & Debranding Sony Ericsson, How It Works

WotanClient software allows you to upgrade the firmware, debrand or rebrand your Sony Ericsson mobile phone.
During upgrade process selected languages are uploaded to your phone and phone lock or gesture lock is reset and disabled.
Make sure you understand the difference between Debranding and Unlocking process. Debranding can help you remove network customized logo, themes, settings and applications from your phone and replace it with default Sony Ericsson ones.
Beside unlocking removes Invalid SIM Card or SIM network unlock PIN screens and allows you to use your phone with different network SIM card – unlocking is NOT supported by WotanClient software!


It is important to make sure any contacts or data you want to keep are backed up before you start flashing process. All information in your phone will be erased (excluding Memory Card content).

Downloading required files and driver installation

First download USB Flash Driver here. Run it and follow installer to install the driver onto your computer.
Once the drive is installed please download the WotanClient software here and save it to WotanServer folder on your desktop.

Running the WotanClient

Reinsert the battery of your phone and do NOT power on the phone.
Double click the WotanClient icon from the location you saved it on your computer and wait until it downloads required data. When Phone detection screen shows up press and hold service button on your phone and plug USB cable to the phone. You can release the service button once WotanClient detects your phone.

Deciding which firmware to choose for your phone

Now just select Language you need. All firmware versions that includes selected language show in CDA listbox. Select desired firmware version and click Next button. To get your phone debranded you must select firmware that included ‘Generic’ or ‘Generic Trace’ in it's name.
Click the Next button.

Create account and purchase flashing service

To flash your phone you need valid WotanServer account. If you do not have one yet, just create one.
Now you need to buy the flashing service for 1.99 EUR. It will allow you to update your phone 5 times in 1 year.

Starting the upgrade

Fill your WotanServer account login and password and click the Update button. It should says that you have 1 or more credits.
Now you can click the Next button. Wait until your phone is flashed with new firmware. When FLASHING FINISHED message shows up you can disconnect the phone from USB.

Power on your phone

Now reinsert the battery and power it up, you might see the ‘Please wait’ message, your phone is re-configuring the new firmware and will take a few minutes.
If you encountered a problem at any stage please contact and don't forget to attach the ‘log.txt’ file (located in the data folder where the WotanClient application is) and give a detailed explanation of the problem.



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