Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fuzz Officialy Releases iOS App For Streaming Its People-Curated Radio Stations

Services like Pandora, and Rhapsody action a huge accumulating of music for streaming, but all of them depend on automated algorithms to adjudicator your preferences and appear up with music that you are acceptable to appreciate. While automation is acceptable in a lot of cases, alert to a playlist created by a computer can abatement abbreviate of the mark at times. is an internet radio account that is accepted for hosting radio stations created and managed by its users. In accession to analytic for radio stations that bout your interest, you can be the DJ of your own base to allotment your tunes with the world. has just appear Fuzz Radio for iOS, which is about a adaptable app for browsing and alert to radio streams from the website. The app scans the music library of your accessory and suggests stations accordingly. You can aswell browse through channels based on their brand or all-embracing popularity.

Fuzz Radio iOS Home Fuzz Radio iOS Artists Fuzz Radio iOS Search
If you are already a registered user, you can directly sign in to the app with your credentials. Otherwise, you need to sign up for a new account for Fuzz Radio. Registration is possible via Facebook or by providing the app with your email ID. Once you are logged in, the app’s home page shows up.
The first section contains a list of all the featured stations on Fuzz Radio. Recommendations based on your local music collection can be found in the ‘My iTunes Artists’ section. The artists discovered by Fuzz Radio are listed in alphabetical order, with the total number of relevant stations for them mentioned as well. Other ways of browsing the stations include surfing the list of all the DJs, selecting a particular music genre, or performing a search using the button located on the home page. You can search for artists, stations and DJs.
Fuzz Radio iOS Artist Results Fuzz Radio iOS Station Fuzz Radio iOS Song

Each base in Fuzz Radio has a abbreviate description and account of featured artists with its name, which can advice you adjudge whether it’s account alert to or not. The station page also shows the total number of plays, props and favorites it has received. While listening to a song, you can give your props to it by hitting the ‘like’ button. Your props can make a DJ popular and more easily discoverable. Liking a song also adds it to the ‘My Propped Songs’ section. Thanks to this section of the app, you can purchase the song from iTunes, go to the station where you found it, or view other stations curated by that station’s DJ. There is no limit on skipping songs in Fuzz Radio, and playback continues in background when you navigate to other parts of the app, the lock screen or other apps.

Fuzz Radio offers control over streaming quality so that even those of you with low-speed internet can enjoy the app. is a free service, so Fuzz Radio is available for free as well. The app only works on iOS 6, and is optimized for iPhone/iPod touch.

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