Friday, 25 January 2013

How To Access Recent & Favorite Apps From Anywhere In Android With HomeFlip

UCH is the attractiveness of Android app launchers and task switchers that every few days, we come over a brand new notion of multitasking and quick app swapping that appears to be more convenient and user-friendly than its predecessors. Today, we have another nominee vying to become your default Android app swapping answer, particularly for those who love to have a couple of very popular apps of theirs available just a couple of valves away from any place in the OS. With a file dimensions of just 44 KB, HomeFlip (beta) by XDA member id0x12345 is easily amidst the most lightweight Android app launchers that we have arrive over so far. although, don’t let the meager document dimensions of the app fool you; it boasts some very handy characteristics that expedite multitasking on Android better than most living answers. accessible for ICS and Jelly Bean devices, HomeFlip lists your latest apps/tasks any place in Android upon tapping the dwelling key. From the app’s dedicated recent tasks register, you can use diverse touch and swipe gestures to swap to required apps, pin choose apps as favorites, conceal pieces from the register and reorder very popular apps to your admiration.

Extending with the app’s characteristics, the developer pledges to hold HomeFlip absolutely free and ad-free eternally. regardless of its minimalism, subtle animations while scrolling between recent apps and diverse downloadable themes add a visual apply to your multitasking experience. 

HomeFlip-Android-Sample1 HomeFlip-Android-Theme
Since the app’s functionality is mapped directly to your Android device’s Home key, it’ll prompt you to set HomeFlip as the default launcher upon the very first launch. This won’t affect your current home screen preferences one bit, as you can always switch back and forth between HomeFlip and your Android launcher(s) with a mere tap of the home key. In case you have multiple launchers installed on your device, you can select your preferred one as the fallback home screen from the main screen of HomeFlip. Therefore, you can rest assured that HomeFlip will neither intervene with your favorite launcher’s functionality, nor will it alter your personalized home screen preferences.
Once you have set up HomeFlip as your default launcher and optionally specified your fallback launcher, all you need to do is press the home key to view your recent apps list. This activation mode is configurable, and it’s upon your discretion to trigger the HomeFlip recent apps lists upon a single or double tap on the home key.
HomeFlip-Android-Settings1 HomeFlip-Android-Settings2
Scrolling the list vertically shows you all the apps you’ve launched recently. To add an app permanently to the favorites list, just give it a left swipe, while a right swipe on it will remove it from the favorites list, and doing the same for a non-favorite item hides it from the list. To view hidden apps, tap the eye button or hit Menu > ‘Show hidden tasks’. To reorder the favorite items, tap-and-hold the task you want to reposition and simply drag it vertically to the desired position. The box icon at the bottom can be tapped to restore the list, complete with both hidden and favorite tasks. Needless to say, all your favorite apps will always appear on the list regardless of whether they’ve been launched recently or not, making them easily accessible from anywhere across the entire OS and eliminating the need to go to your home screen or app drawer to launch them.

Once a topic is downloaded, you’ll have to manually import it into the app. For this, navigate to the Downloads folder through your preferred Android document supervisor, tap the downloaded ZIP file, and choose HomeFlip as the default activity for it. You’ll then be adept to swap to it from HomeFlip’s backgrounds under ‘Theme’. amidst the app’s other customization options, HomeFlip supports self-acting and manual arranging of favorite pieces, user-selected positioning between items on register, custom background dimming grade, custom app & font dimensions of recorded pieces, and handicapping the animation as well as the on-screen app list.

Currently influenced by the app’s characteristics? The developer has some large concepts in mind that he aspires to apply in future releases. For example, HomeFlip will soon permit you to modify your themes, outlook present time & designated day from the latest apps list, and most significantly for many, add support for left-hand operations. 

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[via XDA-Developer]



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