Saturday, 12 January 2013

How To Add Amazing Action & Sci-Fi Special Effects To Videos With FxGuru For Android, Download Here

Recall supreme exceptional FX, a video revising Android app that let you request spectacular high value visual consequences to your recorded clips to make them gaze like a part of some sci-fi activity flick? The app received a lot of love from Android followers for its rather exclusive characteristic and the ease with which it let you add a lot of joy into your otherwise monotonous video recordings. although, with the app no longer accessible in the Play shop, you might be on the lookout for a alike – if not better – alternate. seek no more – we have discovered one for you! FxGuru is a free app that boasts a gigantic kind of exceptional movie consequences that can be directed to your video recordings. extending from scintillating cruise missile attacks to the uninvited UFO appearance effect, FxGuru has a huge compilation of goodies to offer. Better yet, the app is supplemented with a twosome of mighty tools in MotionMatch expertise and Virtual Decals to help you arrest the flawless video of you destroying your enemy’s playground with a TNT barrel blast, filming a UFO effectively land on your rooftop, or aspiring a rocket launcher at your moving school coach.

As of now, only the Satellite Crash and UFO Shuttle effects are available for free in the app. The TNT Barrel effect can be unlocked for free by just sharing it on Facebook, whereas the following effects need to be purchased from the Play Store:
  • Mech Attack
  • Flamethrower
  • UFO Arrival
  • Holiday Bot
  • Alien Probe
  • Meteor Impact
  • UFO Calling
  • Rocket Launcher
  • UFO Invasion
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Cruise Missiles
  • Grenade
  • Bunker Buster
  • Building Demolition
Prior to recording, the app provides you with brief instructions regarding capturing the clip and applying the effect successfully. As per the instructions, in most cases, you’re required to take advantage of the red overlay grid on the screen to align the underlying effect properly. Also, you must keep your hand movements steady, and of course, the clip should be captured under good lighting conditions. To enjoy the effect in its entirety, make sure to record at least a 12-15 seconds clip.
As long as you can keep your hands steady while recoding the clip, the aforementioned MotionMatch technology and Visual Decals will be there to assist you with capturing a truly realistic-looking video. Basically, the former takes care of the background movements to retain the element of realism in the video, whereas the latter offers an overlay grid for guidance so that you may be able to align the effects in accordance with the view.
Keeping your hands stable, record the entire clip for as long as you wish. Remember that the effect can only be applied once the on-screen grid turns green. After the recording is completed, you can adjust the video settings in terms of the accuracy of MotionMatch and the sound effects that you want to be included with the video. Lastly, you can specify the exact position on the video timeline where you wish the effect to appear.
Just allow the app to finish processing the video as it applies your chosen effect. After that, you’ll be able to replay the clip, edit it or share it with your buddies. FxGuru sports a built-in gallery containing all the video clips created with the app. To access these videos outside the app, just navigate to the fxguru folder on your SD card.
FxGuru is currently exclusive to Android devices only, but it won’t be long before the iOS variant of the app is rolled out into iTunes App Store as well.



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