Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How To Create Your Own Stunning Android Live Wallpapers With Ditalix, Download Here

LiveWallpapers have been a characteristic characteristic of Android since the very early days of the OS. Over the years, we have glimpsed some visually appealing and amazingly functional Android Live Wallpapers reach in the Play shop, with most of them carrying comprehensive personalization. Today, we’re conveying you yet another highly customizable Android live wallpaper app in the form of Ditalix by Fahrbot – the creators of some nifty Android apps encompassing SwitchMe, CallMaster and Undelete. fair a plethora of customizable blaze methods, concepts, topics, pixelated consequences, animations, palettes, interactions and layout backgrounds, Ditalix is your very own made-to-order Android LWP generator. utilising all the aforementioned devices, a made-to-order background likeness of your alternative and personalized settings, you can design sparkling live wallpapers that reply to your valves and touches in the form of diverse blazing animations. 

Ditalix-Android-Home Ditalix-Android-Themes
Though not the only app of its kind in the Play Store, Ditalix impresses with the depth of LWP designing and styling tools it has on offer. The app opens to its themes library that lists all the available Ditalix themes. Based on the chosen theme, you get to play with a different shape such as squares, pixels, Androids, flowers, Half Life, snowflakes and circles etc. Likewise, there is a wide array of glow styles to choose from. In this regard, you can select from eclipse, sunrise, glass, Vegas, glass Vegas and mixed styles.
The LWP itself is presented in the form of a large canvas filled with fixed-sized blocks of the chosen shape/theme atop your custom background image. You can then begin interacting with these shapes to design the live wallpaper as per your choice.
Ditalix-Android-Settings Ditalix-Android-Full-Screen
Using multi-touch gestures and gliding your finger over these shapes splits them into several equally-sized pieces. As you keep interacting with the canvas, each interaction results in further disintegration of the blocks according to the chosen animation and glow effect, until the all the blocks are broken down to the minimum possible level. It’s up to you to finalize the LWP by retaining larger shapes or breaking them down to a level of your choice.
You also get to play around with other tools offered by the app. Below is the list of various UI tweaks that can be applied to any Ditalix LWP.
  • Shape
  • Glow Style
  • Glow Strength
  • Background Image
  • Canvas Brightness (the color of spaces between shapes)
  • Background Intensity
  • Shape Brightness
  • Shape Transparency
  • Initial Depth Of Shapes
  • Maximum Depth For Disintegration
  • Animation (Random Touches, Scrolling Lines, Mixed or None)
  • Animation Speed
  • Interaction Mode (None, Tap or Follow)
  • Randomization Of Effects
Ditalix-Android-Sample Ditalix-Android-LWP
The app lets you preview the LWP design and layout in real-time whenever you make even the slightest change. In addition, you can preview your self-curated LWP in full-screen within the app, and modify an existing item as many times as you like. For your custom background images, the app supports selecting ultra high resolution photos as well.



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