Monday, 28 January 2013

How To Download Android App APKs From Google Play Store To Your Desktop

Download Android apps from Google Play directly to your PC, to be adept to manually sideload them to your device. This procedure assists you catch any app that you are otherwise having difficulties establishing to your apparatus due to regional restrictions. Though that elongation needed some tinkering after Chrome’s newest updates, and stopped working for some entirely. Today, we’re conveying you a Windows app called genuine APK Leecher that supplies a more convenient way to download Android submissions to your PC by similarly utilising your Google account affiliated with your apparatus.

To get begun, you first need to find your apparatus ID. easily go in *#*#8255#*#* into your telephone dialer, you’ll be shown your apparatus ID (as ‘aid’) in GTalk Service Monitor. As another choice, you can furthermore use an Android app called Device ID that quickly discloses the ID to you without any additional jargon.

Android Device ID from GTalk Service Monitor Android Device ID from App
Real APK Leecher is a portable app that does not require installation. Simply extract it from the downloaded zip file and run it. It will bring up its Options window to get you started with the necessary configuration before you can use the app. Enter the email address of your Google account that is associated with your Android phone, as well as the device ID that you retrieved in the previous step. The Options console also allows changing your default language/country for faking the region. This way, you can download an app that is otherwise not available in your own country. In addition, you can fake your carrier via entering any custom SIM Operator Numberic (SON). This is optional however, and you may leave it empty if you don’t require it. Finally, select the destination directory where you want to download the APKs, and optionally, an existing folder that already contains APKs so that the app can check against them before downloading one in case you already have the latest version. After specifying all these settings, click Save.
Real APK Leecher_Options
You will be then be taken to Real APK Leecher’s main screen. If you want to make any changes to the previously defined settings, simply open the Edit menu and click Options. To download an app, type the app’s name in the search field at the top right and press enter. Apps can be searched by vendor name, package name or both (custom). The tool displays both the free and paid applications, but the paid ones can only be downloaded if you’ve already purchased them from Google Play under the same account Google account you are using with the application. To download an app, right click on its name in the search results, and select ‘Download this app’. In addition, you can download only the app’s icon, scan your existing apps folder to see if you have the latest version available already, delete the app, copy its link location, search for related apps, and view the app’s Google Play page.
Real APK Leecher
Once you start downloading an app, its progress is shown in a separate window, from where you can cancel the download or hide that window itself.
Real APK Leecher_Download
Real APK Leecher is an open-source Java app and works on Windows, Linux and Mac.
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