Sunday, 27 January 2013

How To Run Android Ice Cream Sandwich On Your PC With WindowsAndroid

The Android stage has arrive a long way since the first Android phone was issued in 2008, but it still primarily remains a stage for wireless apparatus, intelligent TVs, in-vehicle amusement schemes and a few little computers like the Raspberry Pi. Having get get access to to to Android on your PC can be rather helpful contemplating its huge app ecosystem. Back in 2011, we enclosed BlueStacks that permits you to run numerous Android apps in full computer display mode on yoru PC but if you desire to use the entire Android functioning scheme on your Windows computer, emulation is the answer. WindowsAndroid is an Android emulator that permits you to do just that, bringing you the full Android 4 Ice elite Sandwich know-how within Windows, entire with apps, widgets and backgrounds. hold reading to find out more.

While you can run Android on Windows using the authorized Android emulator that arrives with the Android SDK, its installation process needs rather some configuration to start with, and the know-how it offers is quite slow on most computers. WindowsAndroid boasts a much snappier know-how, arrives with some pre-installed apps and permits you to add more to the scheme. Do note that Play shop in not sustained, and apps are shoved to the scheme through a lesser method.

When you run the app, the familiar ICS secure computer display pops up. catch the secure with your mouse and drag it to the brim of the circle to unlock the OS. When unlocked, you move directly to the home screen as it seems on Android tablets, with the clock in the center and app sliding shelf on the top-right. Just click and pull the mouse left and right to switch between the dwelling computer displays. Just like the default ICS dwelling computer display on your Android telephone or tablet, you get a total of 5 dwelling screens, with a few shortcuts and widgets already supplemented to them.

Pressing the home button opens up the list of all the installed apps and widgets. The pre-installed apps include browser, calculator, calendar, gallery, settings and the usual lot you get on Android. Though Google apps like Play Store, Gmail, Play Music etc. are missing from the mix. The Widgets button at the top lets you browse the available widgets and place them on the home screen.
Custom apps can be installed by placing their apks in the data/app folder of the directory where WindowsAndroid is installed. Placing the apks in this folder will automatically install the apps, and you just have to restart the application once for them to get loaded.

The app seems to be in its early stages at the moment, and crashed a lot during our testing. However, the speed benefits it offers over the official Android emulator make it very promising, if the developer can iron out the the stability issues..

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