Tuesday, 1 January 2013

How To Upload Android Gallery Photos To Cloud While Compressing Them On Your Device

The Gallery app on Android, as we all know, is a centralized area to admission the photo and video albums stored in assorted directories of your device centralized and alien memory. In this age of high-resolution adaptable cameras, images captured from our accessories can absorb a cogent block of our bounded accumulator space. Confronted by this issue, a lot of users are larboard with no advantage but to aback up these albums to their computers or their adopted accumulator of best in adjustment to actualize added allowance for new files on their devices. This makes accessing those acceptable old memories of castigation almost harder to admission on the go, abnormally if the backed up abstracts is sitting on your computers hard drive. New to the Play Store, Gallery Drive Sync  is a rather unique online photo backup app that aims to solve the ever-threatening ‘out of sight, out of mind’ issue in this regard. The app lets you move complete full-resolution Gallery photos and albums to your Google Drive, while still application the agreeable on your accessory in aeroembolism architecture beneath their corresponding albums.


Gallery-Drive-Sync-Android-Main Gallery-Drive-Sync-Android-Album
This way, you can keep adding new photos to your albums without having to worry about your device’s storage being consumed completely or too quickly. Just to give you an idea about the app’s compression mechanism, it is capable of compressing a 1.24 MB photo to a mere 52.25 KB. For a better understanding of how the app works, consider the following case from a brief test session. Once the app was done with uploading the photo, the result was the full 1.24 MB version in a dedicated Google Drive folder, and the compressed 52.25KB version on the device replacing the original 1.24 MB one there.
When it comes to the UI, it’s rather overly simple, and has plenty of room for improvement and new features. Still, it does quite effectively what it’s meant to do. On the main screen, you’re presented with your photo albums. As mentioned earlier, you may opt to upload entire albums or select photos to your Google Drive. Do note that the app’s compression feature is optional; you still have the choice of retaining full-sized images on your local storage even after having them all uploaded to the cloud. In that case, the app serves only as a handy photo backup tool for Google Drive.
Gallery-Drive-Sync-Android-Success Gallery-Drive-Sync-Android-Settings
Since the app does not support instant, automatic uploading, you don’t have to worry about any background data usage adding up in your bill. It still offers a WiFi-only upload feature that you can use to make sure you don’t inadvertently end up uploading photos while on your data connection.
All the data backed up by the app is uploaded to the ‘Drive Sync Images’ folder on your Google Drive. Whenever there is a change in the contents of a synced album on your device, the app displays an ‘Update’ option next to the respective folder, so that you may manually sync the new changes to the relevant cloud directory. Even if you rename the synced photos or albums on your mobile, you won’t have to re-upload all the content, since the app is capable of automatically detecting if the selected files have already been uploaded to the cloud.

All in all, Gallery Drive Accompany boasts a appealing advantageous and avant-garde photo advancement affection that can advice you with your bounded accumulator amplitude decidedly after accepting to absolutely annul a lot of your photos. Should you ambition to appearance the aforementioned images in their abounding high-res glory, you can consistently do so by abyssal to the Drive Accompany Images binder on your Google Drive via its official app or web interface, appropriate from your device.

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