Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How To Watch YouTube Videos In A Resizable, Floating Frame On Android

Floating apps are a abundant way to yield added advantage of your awning space. In accession to searching good, they are a abundant aid for multitasking and authoritative use of the ample awning absolute acreage you get with an Android tablet. Previously, we accept appear beyond some actual advantageous amphibian apps, such as Amphibian Audio, that lets you play audio and ascendancy the playback on top of any awning that you are alive on and Amphibian Browser Flux!, a feature-rich Android browser that allows you to plan with 10 tabs at any accustomed time. Based on the aforementioned concept, Amphibian YouTube Popup Video is addition agnate app that provides you with the abandon to play YouTube videos alfresco the YouTube app and in a amphibian window attainable from anywhere in the OS. It lets you resize the amphibian window and position it anywhere on the screen, enabling you to watch videos while you acknowledgment to letters and emails or accomplish added tasks. More on the app afterwards the jump.

The app seems to accept been advised with artlessness and acumen in mind. Tapping the app figure does not in fact barrage the app itself; it just displays a awning with instructions on how to use it. The app brings something new to the amphibian app concept, amalgam itself in the accepted administration menu, acceptance you to accessible YouTube videos in amphibian windows, appropriate from aural the banal YouTube app.

Floating YouTube Popup Player
In order to do so, simply launch the YouTube app and navigate to the video that you want to play. Once you are on to the desired video page, tap the Share button on the top and choose Floating YouTube Player from the list of apps that can be used to share the video.
YouTube Android Sharing menu
The interface will instantly switch to the home screen with your video already loaded in the floating player. You can move the floating video frame by grabbing it from the top and resize it by grabbing it from the bottom or using the pinch-to-zoom gesture. You can continue to launch and use other apps while the playing video stays overlaid.
Floating video Floating video frame resized
Hitting the settings button that appears beside the seek bar lets you switch between normal and HD video quality.
Even though its quite useful on phones as well, it’s much more suited to tablets, as their larger screens make multitasking with such apps a lot more practical.
Floating YouTube player on a tablet

Apart from the floating window failing to respond to touch at times, the app works without flaw. It is free and can downloaded from the Play Store via the link provided below.

Download Floating YouTube Popup Video For Android



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