Monday, 7 January 2013

PicsArt Brings Its Collage Maker, Photo Editor & Drawing App To iPhone

PicsArt ability not be a accustomed name for iOS users, but it has been a part of the best angel alteration accoutrement for Android for a continued time. The app was afresh appear for the iPhone with the aforementioned set of appearance that acquired it acceptance on Android. PicsArt is not a accepted photo editor by any amplitude of imagination. It has hundreds of angel filters , allows users to sketch, accomplish collages out of photos and drawings, and to top it all off, the app has a photo administration account of its own. You ability anticipate such a feature-rich app would be harder to use, but PicsArt is a archetypal of simplicity, both in agreement of its acceptance and interface.

PicsArt iOS Home PicsArt iOS Interesting PicsArt iOS Shop
The homepage of PicsArt lists shortcuts to all the important sections of the app. Apart from these areas, you can access the ‘Interesting’ gallery by swiping to the right. This gallery features all the popular and public images shared over the PicsArt network by its users. To download, rate and share these photos, you will have to sign up for a PicsArt account. This can be done by hitting the icon in the top-right corner.
The collection of photo effects, themes and clip art available in PicsArt is so vast that the app doesn’t come bundled with them all. It has a separate ‘Shop’ section that is dedicated to downloading these items for offline use. Most items in the Shop are free, so you won’t have to shell out extra cash through in-app purchases.
PicsArt-Add-misc PicsArt Masks PicsArt iOS Brush
Other than choosing photos from the camera roll, or capturing new ones from within the app, you can import pictures from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. On the editing screen that follows, here is a brief rundown of everything that is on offer:
  • Tools: Change the hue, color ratio and brightness of the photo. Other options let users tinker with the orientation and dimensions of the image. The app supports both ‘free crop’ and ‘shape crop’.
  • Effects: Categorized into FX, Pop Art, Artistic, Paper and Corrections. Most effects and filters available are customizable to some extent and can be applied to select portions of the image by painting over them.
  • Draw: Users can draw on an empty canvas or over an imported photo. Multiple brushes, erasers, a full color palette and predefined shapes are available in this section.
  • Masks: Textures, borders and bokeh effects from this section can be applied to the image with an orientation and blending mode (screen, multiply, darken, etc.) of your choice to get stunning end results.
  • Misc.: Photos can also be adorned with clip art, stylized text, speech boxes, frames and even other photos!
The app’s collage creator lets you select one of many themed backgrounds, frames. You can edit and stylize each photo within the app’s regular editing screen before adding it to the collage with a border and in a position, size, orientation and blending mode of choice.
PicsArt-collage-creator-custom PicsArt-collage-creator
After adding your first image to the collage, continue to hit the add button next to

When you are done editing a photo or collage,you can share it with others via Facebook, Twitter or the PicsArt network or simply save it to the camera roll. The service has a comprehensive tagging system for easy image organization.

Like its Android counterpart, PicsArt is available for free on the iTunes App Store. If you can get past the ads displayed at the bottom of the app, you’ll find it to be one of the most flexible and feature-rich photo editing smartphone apps out there.

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