Saturday, 12 January 2013

Samsung Show 'unbreakable' phone which rolls up like paper

Samsung wowed an audience in Las Vegas this week with a employed mobile telephone computer display which can be revolved and unrolled like a sheet of paper, described Yahoo! report.

The screen kept employed as it was rolled and unrolled - showing off that it is far more flexible than previous 'bendable' computer displays.

The screen uses the same OLED - organic LED - technology as many current smartphones, but encased in plastic instead of glass.

The prototype device is built to be "virtually unbreakable", Samsung assertions.

The apparatus was shown off by Brian Berkeley, senior vice-president of Samsung brandish, at a presentation at the Consumer Electronics display in Las Vegas.

“Our group was adept to make a high tenacity display on extremely slim artificial rather than of glass, so it won’t break even if it’s dropped,” said Berkeley.

“This new form component will actually begin to change how persons combine with their apparatus, unfastening up new way of life possibilities.”

The new brandish is called “Youm."

Berkeley also displayed off a smartphone prototype equipped with a bent edge, which works almost like a 'second computer display' round the brim of the device.

The Korean expertise company stayed calm on when flexible telephones might go on sale. 


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