Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How Post To Facebook, Twitter & Google+ From Android Notification Shade Using notiShare

Android apps that have their own widgets are often preferred by users over other ones that don’t, due to the ability of using numerous characteristics from the dwelling computer display or lock computer display utilising the widgets. A prime demonstration of this can be seen in the high attractiveness of communal networking apps with widgets that they permit you to post instantly from your device’s home/lock computer display. Though what if your favoured social network mobile app – if authorized or third-party – doesn’t sport a widget at all? Lack of widgets or a quick sharing/posting procedure is mostly the cause why most users ditch an app regardless of how feature-rich it otherwise is. new to the Play shop, notiShare is a free Android app that vows to offer a viable answer to this difficulty by adding a dedicated ‘new post’ widget/shortcut to your device’s notification dropdown. Using the app’s notification panel widget, you can instantly navigate to the new mail distributing computer display of your favoured authorized or third-party communal networking apps. 

As of this writing, notiShare supports the following five social networks:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • VKontakte
  • Odnoklassniki
Remember that notiShare is only meant to provide you with a means to quickly access the sharing screen of your favorite social networking app, and doesn’t support creating new posts natively. Hence it requires you to have the relevant app installed on your device in order to successfully create new posts.

On relatively old Android versions – Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich – notiShare allows setting up a notification panel shortcut for just a single social network of your choice, whereas on Android 4.1 and higher devices, the app utilizes the new expandable notifications to provide you with shortcuts to all the supported services you want. In its compact form, the app’s notification panel widget on Android 4.1 devices can be interacted with to directly navigate to the main setup screen of notiShare.
A good thing about notiShare is that its support isn’t confined to just the official mobile clients of your preferred social networks. Instead, it also lets you map a favorite third-party app to the notification panel widget. To access the new post sharing screen of the required app, just drag down your Android device’s notification bar, and tap the relevant service’s icon.
From the app’s main screen, you can set up its notification panel contents and other preferences. You have the option to enable individual widget shortcuts for each of the five supported social networks, and select your favorite social network that should consume the largest (upper) portion of the widget. If you set this particular option to ‘None’, the upper portion of the widget will be set to launch the app’s main setup screen upon tapping.

You furthermore have the option to set the priority preferences for the app’s notification section widget; ‘Max’ will force the widget to persistently show at the very peak in the notifications panel, while ‘Min’ will hold it bobbing on the register underneath other notifications. The last option on this screen can be used to absolutely conceal the notiShare icon from the status bar.

Tapping the wrench icon at the top-right takes you to another screen that can be utilised to map your very popular authorized or third-party communal network app to the applicable notiShare icon within the notification section. If you don’t find your favoured app recorded under that specific service, try pin pointing it manually through the ‘Load submissions register’ choices on the identical screen. 

So, whether your favorite social app sports a widget or not, you can now use notiShare to quickly navigate to the new post screen of your desired social network app from anywhere in Android.

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