Sunday, 10 February 2013

How To Delete Call Log/History On Blackberry

Depending on the way you configure your BB, the phone logs are stored in two locations :

  The Messages application and the Phone application.

If you want to delete your call history from the Messages application,

Go to
Messages -> View Folder -> Phone Call Log. Now highlight the date bar -> click Menu -> Delete Prior.

If you
Still see your call history when your press the send (green) key and when you go to "phone" from the main menu, try the trick below:

Hit the "
send" button
Press and hold down the shift button (the ^aA button)
Use the track ball to scroll down, to highlight multiple call logs
Hit the "menu" button and select "DELETE"

If you are using a touchscreen Blackberry, you can use one thumb to highlight the first call and then keep scrolling down with another finger till they are all blue then hit the red x in bottom left hand corner.


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