Monday, 25 February 2013

Social Feeds & Recent Apps On Android Lock Screen With Sulia Quick Launch

Custom Android lockscreen replacements are abound in the Play Store, but few have been able to impress me more than Condiut’s Quick Launch, which is capable of filling your Android device’s lock screen with iPhone-style notifications, favorite app widgets, sound profile toggles, custom backgrounds, direct unlocking buttons for the dialer, camera & recent apps, music playback controls and what not! If you wish your lockscreen could keep you updated with the latest news and social media feeds in the same elegant way, take the company’s latest brainchild, Sulia Quick Launch, for a spin. Like Quick Launch, this brand new lockscreen replacement app from Conduit sports a 4-way ring-shaped slider to help you unlock directly to the dialer, messaging, camera or a recently opened app. However, the standout feature of the entire package remains the interactive and beautiful cards displaying the latest news and your social network feeds.

As indicated by its name, Sulia Quick Launcher fetches its news stories from the trusted service of Sulia, and also shows the latest social activities from your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account in the same carousel-oriented layout on the lockscreen.

Sulia-Quick-Launch-News Sulia-Quick-Launch-Social
While configuring the app for the first time, you’re presented with the option to select your favorite news categories and social network accounts that you want Sulia Quick Launch to retrieve content from. Ranging from politics to entertainment, there are plenty of topics to choose from. These categories and social network settings can be modified later on. On a slightly disappointing note, the app allows selecting a maximum of just four items to be shown on your lockscreen. For instance, you can fill all the available slots with different news categories, activate feeds from all three supported social networks and have space left for just one news category of your choice.
Sulia-Quick-Launch-Settings1 Sulia-Quick-Launch-Settings2
Once configured, you’re taken to the lockscreen interface split into two halves. The lower half displays the current time, date, the unlock ring and the volume toggle slider, and holding down on the padlock button reveals quick unlock options for the camera, messaging and dialer apps as well as the home screen. To directly unlock to one of these apps, just drag the padlock all the way to its icon and lift your finger. Gliding the padlock trigger over the generic unlock option reveals icons of your recently opened apps. You can further drag the trigger all the way to one of those icons to directly launch the respective app.
Sulia-Quick-Launch-Categories Sulia-Quick-Launch-Lockscreen
The upper half of this screen displays a search bar to help you quickly search online for your queries directly from the lockscreen. Below the search bar, you get the latest news feed for your selected topics displayed on a colorful card. Tapping the card lets you explore the story in detail in your browser of choice, while swiping sideways lets you sift through other stories relevant to the selected one. To switch between news categories, you can simply start scrolling vertically.
Just like the news categories, the app has a separate card reserved for each of your social networks, which can be accessed by scrolling all the way to the bottom. Besides checking out the latest feeds from these networks, you can interact with them accordingly as well.
As with Quick Launch, Sulia Quick Launch is available in the Play Store absolutely free of cost. Grab the app via the link provided below.
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