Saturday, 2 March 2013

How To Set Auto Replies For SMS & iMessage On iPhone With AutoResponder 2

Responding appliances were insanely popular until smartphones with built-in voicemail capability came along. Now that we have smartphones, distinct solutions better than voicemail are furthermore making their way to the the market. Though one thing that hasn’t altered much for a long time in this consider is texting; there is no way of effortlessly setting up self-acting answers for texts obtained when you are engaged. Fortunately, iOS users with jailbroken apparatus have had AutoResponder for a long time, which is a fine-tune that permits you configure self-acting responses to texts that proceed unattended for a specific duration. Until now, AutoResponder only worked with older iDevices, and a allotment of people on iOS have been missing it. Better late than never though, as the developer of the fine-tune has issued AutoResponder 2 that is aimed just at iOS 6 users, and works with iMessage as well as SMS.

AutoResponder 2 Cydia AutoResponder 2 Settings
If you haven’t used AutoResponder before, head to the stock Settings app because that’s where all its configuration options are located. In the tweak’s menu, you can choose the time after which the automatic response is sent, and write the message you want to be delivered. The ‘Delay’ option ranges from one minute to two hours. Once you have enabled the tweak and selected the delay time, AutoResponder starts pushing its automatic replies whenever someone texts you and you don’t read the message for the specified duration. The ‘1 Minute’ option sends the response near-instantly in our experience, and the other delay times work fine as well.
If you want to customize the message sent by AutoResponder 2, tap the ‘Manage Presets’ option and create a new title. To make sure that some people never get your automatic replies, the tweak offers a ‘Whitelist’ in which you can add any contact’s phone number. While populating the whitelist, take care to enter full numbers, including the country and area codes.

AutoResponder 2 is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, where it fetches for $1.50. If you are often engaged and have gotten into arguments because of your sloth in answering to texts, this tweak is decisively what you have been looking for. One secondary enhancement that the developer can roll out in the tweak’s next update is the supplement of an ‘Immediate’ option in the ‘Delay’ section, rather than assigning this capability to the ‘1 minute’ alternative.

So, if you are on iOS 6, and desire to be renowned as the individual who not ever lets a text go unanswered, give the fine-tune a shot. 



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