Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How To Update your Android Apps Quickly with App Update Notifier

App Update Notifier – Crowd version is an app that functions rather similarly to the app shop (and in the same manner as its predecessor but without the use of web crawlers or third party APIs). It tests your apps and compares to current versions. although, different the Play Store, this app catches data about all your established apps and not just the ones attached to the Play shop. It then drives this information to a community database and does two things: it revisions it with newer versions (if you happen to have any), and it notifies you if there are newer versions around. one time you get the notification, clicking on it would take you to the Play Store or to App brain (if Google’s service is not accessible in your country or if the app was installed by other means). This explains some matters with the present model applied by Google and it is community propelled. Best part is that it is completely anonymous and only scans for package title, version number, and type cipher. Not even your apparatus ID is conveyed.

First Download and establish the App Update Notifier from Google Play Store 
Then seek for the app in your submissions list.
After that open it on your telephone.
Now you need to check the updates manually. For that, feel the icon on the first screen. It will check the new updates for all of your apps.
Then after the culmination, it will display which apps are having revisions and which are have the latest versions.
Then you can revise the particular app via Google Play shop or get it from other application market.
You can use backdrop service to show the updates mechanically via notification. For that tap settings icon on the peak of the app, ascertain the backdrop service.
You can furthermore set the gap for checking revise of the app. For that, tap settings icon on the top of the app and tap revise interval. Then choose the time limit. 


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