Saturday, 20 April 2013

BlackBerry Z10 Glimpse, Let You Try It Out On Any Mobile Browser

BlackBerry Z10 – the newest incarnation of the Canadian phone manufacturer and arguably their last possibility of enduring in the smartphone commerce – lately crossed the 10 million units sold assess, which is a large achievement for an ailing company. whereas BlackBerry has never been as auspicious as Android and iOS – or even Windows telephone – in periods of sales and popularity ever since its down turn a couple of years back, that doesn’t signify the newest revision isn’t any good at all contrasted to the competition. If you desire to take the new OS for a check propel without first giving for the device itself, BlackBerry has now commenced a new Glimpse webpage that emulates the OS in pattern of an interactive demo, and permits you to run it on Android and iOS apparatus. The web sheet – as its title suggests – donates a you glimpse into some of BlackBerry 10′s awesome new features such as signs, BlackBerry Hub, BBM, Time move Camera, BBM Video, Keyboard and a few other ones.

You can experience Blackberry 10 Glimpse demo by heading over to the following URL on your device’s browser:

Once there, simply tap the ‘Try it’ button to get started. The webpage takes you on an interactive trip of BlackBerry Z10 and its OS, acquainting you with its key features along the way. It mainly focuses on BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Keyboard, BBM Video with Screen Share, and an interesting Camera with Time Shift feature. It also demonstrates BlackBerry World – a marketplace where you can download apps and games for the platform.

Then there’s BlackBerry’s long-revered BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) service, which is widely regarded for its intuitive design and convenience in communication with other BBM users. You can also experience the lock screen, the new on screen keyboard that automatically guesses the next word, video chat that supports picture-in-picture, and a few additional tidbits. Lastly, it presents the camera’s Time Shift Mode that automatically adjusts the picture mode according to the type of picture you’re taking.



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