Friday, 19 April 2013

Share Articles For Android & iOS Via “Send to Friend”

Pocket change  its title from Read It Later one year before today. To celebrate the occasion, the service is boasting that its keeping more than 35 million pieces per moth and has grown to support multiple platforms encompassing Mac and Browser apps for Chrome and Safari.

Sounds like there are a ton a persons on a ton of stages keeping a ton of tales they find on the world wide web. pouch hopes so, and has revolved out a new feature called "Send to Friend" that will enable users to rapidly share content exactly with other Pocket users as well as people you would normally internet message a connection to.

The characteristic will enable users to not only share stores with just a few valves, but furthermore lets users add a commentary and highlight extracts of the story they desire to focus. Pocket users who obtain your content will be able to be notified via impel notification when another users portions anything with them.

From the examines of it, Pocket is making it easier for users to stay inside the app to be social. This is trending with other apps like Flipboard who recently let users conceive and share digital magazines. 

Using Send To Friend is quite straightforward. The choice is availavble in the distributing menu of all the items you have kept to your account. If you desire to highlight a specific part of the item before sharing it, just choose that snippet and leave it like that. In the app’s base bar, there is an arrow icon that houses the aforementioned sharing list. The red-colored Send To Friend option is the first in the sharing register.

In case you highlighted some text, the drive To ally computer display adds a preview of that portion just underneath the connection of the page. You can manually add a comment considering the entire article utilising the text carton available just overhead the connection. When you’re done, add as many recipients as you desire in the address carton at the peak of the computer display and strike the yellow ‘Send’ button.

The recipients get the distributed content in an internet message if they are not on pouch, otherwise the service notifies them of the incoming piece inside the app or on their online account. 

The Pocket app for Android and iOS is available for free, and Send To Friend works on both variants. You can grab the app for your device by hitting one of the links below.

Download Pocket For iOS

Download Pocket For Android


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