Thursday, 30 May 2013

Nandroid Manager Help You Backup Without Booting Into Recovery

If you are one of those who like to flash new ROMs often and play with your device, then there’s a good possibility of having multiple Nandroid backups saved in your SD card. Having a Nandroid backup is habitually a quick-witted thing and it’s sole reason is refurbishing your data. A Nandroid backup is really a backup of your system documents + facts and figures which is pulled from your device’s NAND memory and farther saved yo your interior or external memory. A Nandroid backup can be effortlessly achieved by CWM or TWRP based recoveries.

Now the problem bangs in when you have to refurbish that specific app or a text note or simply your call log from the Nandroid backup. The process could be a genuine pain- You will first have to create a backup of your current ROM, then swab it, then restore your old Nandroid backup, then backup the needed info or app and then restore to your latest backup. noise antagonising, right? Also, sometimes the restoration method goes wrong, there could be MD5 mismatch which could be undertook but that’s not a proper way to it. If the backup is corrupted and you refurbished it then your device might have some booting issues.

A new app which has lately hit Play shop called Nandroid supervisor has arrive to release you now. If you are opposite with some problems like cited above, Nandroid supervisor is your shot! It does help you restore your Nandroid backup without booting into recovery. What’s more? It furthermore devotes you the ability to restore exact things like your text notes, apps, or even your call logs. It devotes you full control over your Nandroid Backup and very exact things could be pulled back from a Nandroid backup with the help of this magical app. 

Nandroid Manager Offers This Features 

  • Explore contens of your Nandroid backup
  • Extract files from your Nandroid backups
  • It supports yaffs2
  • You can rename your backups
  • You can compress your backups to zip files
  • You can delete your backups
  • Regenerate MD5 hashes for your backups
  • Restore Apps+Data from your Nandroid backups
  • Restore text messages
  • Restore call logs
  • Restore WiFi access points from backup (Pro)
  • Restore Bluetooth data (Pro)
  • Restore user word dictionary (Pro)
  • Restore your browser data (Pro)
  • Restore complete Nandroid backup
  • Flash new recoveries
  • Permissions fixing tool

    The developer is also working to add feature like exporting the data so it can be restoredd between multiple devices, home screen restoration feature, and the option to convert the backup between TWRP or CWM based recoveries.
    This app is available in both free and paid versions. Considering the features it is offering I would say it’s worth dropping a buck for the Pro version.
    Free version link :
    Pro version link :



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