Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Splay Launcher Redefines Android Home Screen

Welcome to the Beta version of the Splay©, a unique home launcher for Android devices that puts your own activity preferences at the heart of your mobile experience. Set the Splay as your default home screen and start enjoying a single hand operation with a fast, smooth and efficient access to your most essential activity using just one finger.

Holding the device in one hand, and simply swipe your finger or thumb across the home screen to access your phone, messages, music, apps and more. In order to access additional options, simply swipe your finger across the chosen category to highlight it and then lift your finger from the device to execute the desired option.

The Splay has three menu levels enabling access to almost any activity on your device. Swipe your finger to view and open the second and third level of choices. Lift your finger at any point to access the option. It’s the fastest and most functional method to multi-task on your Android device.

Download Splay Launcher For Android


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