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Tips: Youtube Vs Self Hosted Videos

In this article there is a comparison shown between YouTube Videos and Self Hosted Videos.

Video is a fascinating way to magnetize new website visitors, and as everyone knows new visitor means greater traffic and greater traffic means more chances to broadcast your thoughts worldwide. However,on implementing some video online, marketers always face a critical decision of whether to self host the video or to post it through YouTube. Although such a determination is mainly depends on the selected content strategy and for that there are several features you must take into account.

Self Hosting

Videos that are self hosted are stored on your own server and streamed by a customized flash player. All the visitors will have to go on your website to watch the content. In self hosting, you can secure the video through a paywall system and can also use other security techniques to manage who can access your videos and other contents.

Pros of Self Hosting

No Limitations: One can host as many number of videos as he require and the files can be of any length and any size provided he should have large enough server for handling it.   

Statistics of Viewers: Several platforms have their own kind of statistics system, but one can also use analytics program for his site. Through it one can easily get a detail description about the traffic onsite.One can also decide and restrict the number of visitors who can wander offsite.

Branding and Management: One has complete control on the management of his videos, including clip management, presentation and content protection. They can also be limited to particular visitors of your website. Also, the video platform may be integrated with a Media Asset Management System (also known as MAM system).

Cons of Self Hosting

Cost: Dissimilar from YouTube videos, self hosting videos have to pay for hosting and for the video platform they use. The cost also depends on your usage of bandwidth.

Video SEO: It’s very difficult to sustain the good ranking for your video and for this your site must be SEO optimized.

YouTube Hosting

When we post a video on YouTube then this is also known as a third party video hosting. Viewers can see the video on YouTube and can embed them in their particular marketing material or in a web page also.

Pros of YouTube

Traffic Numbers: The YouTube has a large no of visitors. Worldwide, YouTube achieves 800 million distinct visits monthly and almost 3.9 billion hours of video are viewed during that time.

Bandwidth and Free Hosting: Hosting a video on YouTube is free of charge. Also, there are no restrictions on how many videos you can host or about what number of users can watch them.

Video SEO: One can not be surprised to know that Google always favours YouTube in its search results. One can further increase the chances of getting his video above the other competing videos in the Google search results by adding some keywords to description, encouraging likes, allowing comments and by using other SEO methods.

Easy to Embed: Hosting on YouTube creates your videos greatly embeddable. One can easily add them on his website.

Cons of YouTube

Video Length: Normally, YouTube users are restricted to 15 minutes video only. However, on verifying your account and after meeting all the requirements of YouTube, you can be authorized for uploading videos of larger lengths.

Viewer Interplay: While advertisement and e-commerce options are quite confined during YouTube hosting, but one can use the description, annotations and his profile to prompt different users to act.

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