Monday, 17 June 2013

MobiSpy Is A Remote Location, Calls & SMS Monitor For Android & iOS

While most of us don’t seem snug distributing their phones with other ones due to the allowance of individual facts and figures we have on them, at times it is unavoidable to do so, particularly with friends and family constituents that you can’t state no to. Though one can habitually be inquisitive about what undertakings have they presented on your telephone while it was with them. MobiSpy is an Android, iOS and BlackBerry app that allows you to secretly supervise incoming and outgoing notes and calls made from a telephone. You can discover notes and call logs remotely over the world wide web by installing and triggering MobiSpy on your yearned telephone. The app is fairly very simple to configure and can be setup inside a few minutes. Along with call and note logs, you can furthermore pathway the phone’s location on Google chart, its call and world wide web browsing annals, calendar, associates, bookmarks and more. All this makes it a viable app to use for phone following reasons as well, in case your apparatus gets misplaced or stolen. 


Track any 5 calls and SMS
Record any 2 calls
Up to 60 m. of record surrounding

SPY on Calls
MobiSpy gives you an opportunity to check and view all inbound and outbound calls, their duration and timestamp. This application can also be set up to record calls made to/from a number you have monitored. Record and see all call logs in the smartphone with phone number date and time.

Special abilities:
Call History
Record Calls
Intercept Live Calls
Block incoming Calls

SPY on SMS and MMS*
You will have a chance to view and read all the text and multimedia maessages that were sent or received by the monitored mobile phone user durring the process of using our mobile application. You’ll be able to view and read them immediately even after their deletion. While using our software service you could see and record all SMS that were send and received by the monitored phone subscriber with all dates, time and phone numbers.

*MMS feature is under construction.
ETA: 22/06/13

Special abilities:
Read All Incoming and Outgoing SMS
Define Trigger Words for SMS
Block incoming SMS

SPY on Emails

This feature is under construction.
ETA: 15/06/13

With the use of MobiSpy software application you will be able to view all inbound and outbound e-mails with their duration and timestamp. So, you will not miss any necessary information you need.

Special abilities:
Access Gmail Emails
Read Sent / Received Emails
Define Trigger Email addresses
Define Trigger Words For Emails

Track GPS Location

MobiSpy can help you to find the truly information of your target phone. The important example is to track GPS location of your target phone. You could easy find an answer where your child is and where your employee is or if he realy, for example, in a traffic jam.

Special abilities:

Real Time Location Tracking
View Location History Of The Phone
Geo Fencing
Prohibited Location
Tracking Without GPS
Location Through SMS

Monitor Internet Use

All URLs visits of the target user in cell phone browser can be easly viewed.

Special abilities:
View Bookmarks
View Internet Browsing History

Access calendar and address book
Use our software tool to check every contact entered into the phone address book and keep track of every event on the phone’s calendar.

Special abilities:
Appointments and Calendar Activities
Task Logs

Intercept Instant Messages

This feature is under construction.
ETA: 22/06/13

To record activities from Skype and WhatsApp Messaging services used on the target phone take into account this useful feature. Supervise iMessage history and learn how often and what the target phone user is texting about.

Special abilities:
Facebook chat
VK chat
Read Gtalk Conversations (Both Sides)
WhatsApp Chats

Record Surrounding
Use this feature to find out what’s going on when you’re not around This cell phone tracking software can be turned into a bugg

Special abilities:
Record Phone Surroundings
Monitor Calls / Listen Live To Phone Surroundings (Upto 15ft)

Control Apps and Programs

This feature is under construction.
ETA: 29/06/13

If there is a necessity to know what applications and programs can be accessed by the monitored phone, use our application tool. Make sure that no inappropriate activities are going on.

Special abilities:
Backup And Delete All Sensitive Data
Remotely Lock Phone
SIM Change Notification
Wipe Phone Data
Backup Phone Data
Installed App Logs

View Multimedia Files

This feature is under construction.
ETA: 22/06/13

This MobySpy software application enables you to see any photos and videos that have been saved on the target phone by the monitored user. Every video or photo record made by your staff member or a child with their camera phone will be immediately uploaded to your MobiSpy Control Panel.

Special abilities:
View Photo
View Video
Listen to Music
Listen to Voice Recording


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