Monday, 17 June 2013

Sony Xperia S to Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean 6.2.A.0.200 Firmware: How To Update

This latest  update available for Sony Xperia S device is named 6.2.A.0.200 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 firmware, and it can easily install on this device using a specific tool named Sony PC Companion software.

You will need to flash this stock OS on your Xperia S device you’ll be able to use the new media applications using specific software named Walkman, Album feature and also you can watch at your preferred Movies. A new capability to better customize and personalize the Sony Xperia S device will be available, using new widgets, different shortcuts, and new applications.

With 7 home computer display panels that you can customize and add will be remarkably very simple to auto-resize the widgets and to obtain the new expandable notifications. These notifications will be accessible and opened together with other purposes exactly from your Xperia X notification dwelling computer display.

The battery life will be extended with the new Standby mode characteristic encompassed on the new firmware. Also, the Google Now application will be encompassed, and the Project dairy spread interface supplemented with this new update. 

For installing Android 4.1.2 6.2.A.0.200 Jelly Bean firmware manually on your Xperia S device follow the next step by step guide listed below. So, in case you didn’t receive an officially automatically notification from Sony then you have to follow and don’t skip any step from below:
We will bring to you two distinctive sections, one with the prerequisites that you need to follow first, and the second one will be the installation step by step guide. So let’s begin with the first one:
  •  The Sony Xperia S need to be on  official firmware.
  • If your device Xperia S is running a custom ROM or you have installed other custom files, custom recovery images, don’t try to use this guide.
  • Verify your firmware version from Settings >About phone >Build Number / version if there is 6.2.A.0.200 version displayed, you don’t need to use this guide.
  • This present guide and all information listed here are working only for Sony Xperia S device.
  • All the information and instructions listed in this article are provided only for educational and instructional purpose, so do not blame us (NAIRATECH team) if you’ll lose any data or you’ll brick your device after or during the installation process. Use this guide only on your own risk, and you should be and Android advanced user for completing the same.
  • Charge the device’s battery to have more than 65% power left level. If not, your device can get a forced power off in the middle of the installation process. This unfortunate event can brick your device.
I think these are all the guidelines and instructions which you’ll need to follow before to move at the next section, where we will teach you how manually install Android 4.1.2 JB for Xperia S device. So be careful to don’t skip any step from below:

How to Install Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware build 6.2.A.0.200 on Sony Xperia S device:

  1. Firstly, download SONY PC Companion software from here.
  2. Secondly, after the download is complete, install the Sony PC Companion software on your personal computer.
  3. Connect your Xperia S device to your computer using USB Data cable.
  4. Now, perform a full back up for your files that you have stored on Xperia S smartphone using the Sony PC Companion application.
  5. After the back –up is done, you can start the installation of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean 6.2.A.0.200  firmware, For doing that follow the on-screen instructions displayed by the Sony PC Companion software.
  6. In the first part,  the updating files will be downloaded, after the download is done confirm for updating.
  7. Now, don’t disconnect the smartphone from computer while the update is in the installation process.
  8. Next, when the new firmware has been totally installed, Sony PC Companion software will notify you a message that will allow you to disconnect your Android device from PC.
  9. Congratulation, now the new 6.2.A.0.200 Android 4.1.2 OTA Update firmware has been successfully installed on your Sony Xperia S device.
In case you don’t want to use a manually method for installing this update on your Sony Xperia S device, then you should to wait until the newer Android 4.1.2 JB firmware will be automatically rolled out by OTA for your device. To verify if there is any update notification, navigate on Settings > About Phone and from there check the information that is listed under System Updates option.



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